A new play bySarah Ruhl
Directed byRebecca Taichman

Newhouse Theater

“An extraordinary story with playful humor and unstinting compassion.”

The Hollywood Reporter, November 3, 2014
Visionary playwright Sarah Ruhl (The Clean House) returns to Lincoln Center Theater with THE OLDEST BOY, her newest play, directed by Rebecca Taichman.

In this moving and delightful exploration of motherhood, love and letting go, Tony Award® nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger (The Glass Menagerie) is an American mother whose young son is believed to be the reincarnation of a high Buddhist Lama.  When Tibetan monks arrive unexpectedly, asking to take her child away for a life of spiritual training in India, she and her Tibetan husband must make a life-altering choice that will test their faith... and their hearts.

THE OLDEST BOY is Sarah Ruhl at her imaginative best - a richly emotional journey filled with music, dance, puppetry, laughter, intimate moments and infinite meanings.

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    And so we tell the Christmas story ★ Doorways, windows, hung with glory ★ It's not this year the same ole drama ★ Instead we have a baby lama...

  • Tsering Dorjee's Invaluable Contribution

    Tsering Dorjee's Invaluable Contribution

    When Tsering Dorjee was first contacted by Daniel Swee, LCT’s casting director, this past May, about taking part in THE OLDEST BOY, Dorjee, who lives in San Francisco, had to think hard about his family situation.

  • Students are in the (New)House

    When student audiences attend a matinee at Lincoln Center Theater, onstage hints of love and sex tend to elicit the most audible response.

THE OLDEST BOY is an LCT commission.