Whether applied to the artistry on the stages of Lincoln Center Theater or to in-class learning, Open Stages unlocks the power of theater to ignite the imagination.

All season long, thousands of New York City public high school students take their rightful places in our audience. For some students, Open Stages means a first visit to the theater and to Lincoln Center. Both the students and the theater are transformed.

Open Stages stands for excellent theater and first-rate education.

The theater is closed this season, but Open Stages is open!

LCT's new web portal, ExplorePipelinePlay.com brings theater into the online classroom with a stream of our production of Dominique Morisseau's play PIPELINE:

  • Students can stream the play from home or school, and explore creative learning activities developed by LCT's expert teaching artists
  • Teachers will find lesson plans and activities designed for the online classroom connecting PIPELINE to literature and current events.
  • Everyone can explore this springboard for learning, discussion, and creative inspiration

Visit the EXPLORE PIPELINE website!

Open Stages is hands-on
In Open Stages, students and teachers use theater to enhance their powers of critical thinking and creative expression, and to celebrate the human spirit.

Open Stages is creative teaching
Teachers receive professional development to use theater to deepen student engagement and promote collaborative learning.

Open Stages is a partner with New York City's public schools
Our High School Program operates at no cost to schools. In our extended in-school residencies with teaching artists, schools participate at fees that are highly subsidized by our program supporters. Open Stages nurtures deep partnerships with schools that lack the resources to sustain specialized arts programming.

For more information, please call Kati Koerner, Hiltz Director of Education, at 212.501.3247 or send her an email.