• Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Harry Hadden-Paton has been playing Henry Higgins almost every night for ten months, so the question arises: has his performance changed?

  • Katie Beth Hall: Teen Actor

    Katie Beth Hall: Teen Actor

    “One thing I’m learning about being an actor is that when you have more confidence you usually give a better performance.”

  • Student Matinee: Great Expectations

    Student Matinee: Great Expectations

    On a cold, sunny afternoon this past week, hundreds of New York City high school students milled around the plaza in front of LCT.

  • Setting the Stage

    Setting the Stage

    What comprises the hour-before show tasks known as the "pre-set" at MY FAIR LADY?

  • How YouTube Inspired Chris O'Shea

    How YouTube Inspired Chris O'Shea

    To research his role in THE HARD PROBLEM, Chris O’Shea explored intellectuals not only via books but via debates on YouTube.