• Diving Under the Covers

    Diving Under the Covers

    When you spend much time backstage during performances of a popular musical, you quickly gain a sense of which numbers are most loved by the audience.

  • Sleigh Ride! Sleigh Ride!

    Sleigh Ride! Sleigh Ride!

    NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE had its opening night last night, so I will be brief.

  • Clarke Thorell Gets Ready

    Clarke Thorell Gets Ready

    Thorell told me about his daily preparation for performance in MY FAIR LADY: “I start the day religiously with three things.”

  • Solving the Puzzle

    Solving the Puzzle

    “It all began with the answer to a puzzle.” And, yes, the puzzle in question is the Times crossword.

  • Fantasy Guests at MY FAIR LADY

    Fantasy Guests at MY FAIR LADY

    During a long-running show the actors are fortunate to have a continuing stream of well-wishers see their performances.