A new play byPhillip Howze
Directed byDustin Wills

Claire Tow Theater / Seating Chart / Directions

Running time: approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, including one intermission

When some trifling citizens storm a renowned cultural center where they’re not meant to be, all hell breaks loose. Wigs go flying. Wounds get opened. An archive explodes. Will the audience make it out alive? Abolition takes on fresh meaning in SIX CHARACTERS, Phillip Howze’s new play on power, belonging, and the institutions we build. Directed by Dustin Wills (Wolf Play - Lortel Award, Wet Brain).

Howze’s plays have been presented at The Bushwick Starr, Clubbed Thumb, NYTW, and The Public Theater, and Vulture has called his work “high-frequency dark humor, delivered over a gut punch of discomfort.”

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