• Greetings, Friends!

    And so we tell the Christmas story ★ Doorways, windows, hung with glory ★ It's not this year the same ole drama ★ Instead we have a baby lama...

  • Tsering Dorjee's Invaluable Contribution

    Tsering Dorjee's Invaluable Contribution

    When Tsering Dorjee was first contacted by Daniel Swee, LCT’s casting director, this past May, about taking part in THE OLDEST BOY, Dorjee, who lives in San Francisco, had to think hard about his family situation.

  • Students are in the (New)House

    When student audiences attend a matinee at Lincoln Center Theater, onstage hints of love and sex tend to elicit the most audible response.

  • James Yaegashi Tells His Stories

    James Yaegashi Tells His Stories

    James Yaegashi, who plays Father in THE OLDEST BOY, grew up in Japan. “That fact was helpful when it came time to begin work on the play,” Yaegashi told me the other day, backstage, between a matinee and evening performance.

  • Celia Keenan-Bolger Faces the Audience

    Celia Keenan-Bolger Faces the Audience

    When I asked Celia Keenan-Bolger to name the biggest surprise so far in her work on THE OLDEST BOY, she replied, “The audience.”

  • Opening Night

    Last evening, after the opening-night party for THE OLDEST BOY, I got on the uptown subway at 66th Street. I’ll admit it: I was reading the reviews.