Takemi Kitamura

LCT: debut. Opera: The Indian Queen (Peter Sellars). Theater: Utsuyo Kakuryo, Gekiryu, Scattered Lives (Samurai Sword Soul); Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon (Big Red Media). Film: Father of Mine, Jump On Me, No One. Puppetry includes 69°S (Phantom Limb Company); Stravinsky’sFirebird (Little Orchestra Society); Ko’olau (Tom Lee); The Golden Legend, The Portuguese Site (Christopher Williams); Wind Up Bird Chronicle (Stephen Earnhart); White Elephant (Lake Simons & John Dayer). Dance: ½ Life (BodyCartography Project); Yessified! (Sally Silvers); a howling flower, the last word was PAPIREPOSE (Nami Yamamoto); Gateless Gate: Women of the Scarred Earth (Peggy Choy); Whole Sky (Risa Jaroslow and Dancers); Glingo Manbo, Tectonica and Her Terre-Belles, Brink! (Wendy Osserman Dance Company); Out of Space, Workers Dancers Stories, Traces (Sondra Loaring).