The Shakespeare Program immerses middle- and high-school students in the study and performance of a Shakespeare play.

Students Perform Shakespeare
Under the guidance of LCT teaching artists, several classes at each partner school collaborate to produce an in-school performance of a Shakespeare play. Each school is provided with simple costumes and props to help realize their production.

"Now, when I read Shakespeare I won't just think of it as words -- I'll see it as a play in my head."

— Student, I.S. 383

Workshops at Lincoln Center
Students come to Lincoln Center for a half-day of process-oriented workshops with LCT’s teaching artists.  Students learn theater skills such as stage combat or how to work as an ensemble; techniques that they will be able to incorporate into their own work on the play. 

Teacher Professional Development
Participating teachers attend workshops at LCT to learn age-appropriate, hands-on techniques for teaching Shakespeare to their students.

Each participating student receives a copy of the play to keep. Students read and discuss the play in their classrooms.