Lincoln Center Theater makes Shakespeare accessible, playful, and relevant to middle and high school students and teachers.

We believe that the works of Shakespeare are an ideal way for students to work together, spark their imaginations, and connect key themes from the plays to their lived experiences.

Students Experience Shakespeare as Actors
LCT’s teaching artists engage students in activities that allow them to explore and embody Shakespeare’s words in creative ways.

“I learned how to express different emotions through acting and speech, and I also learned how to read Shakespeare without feeling overwhelmed by the old English.”

— Student, P.S./M.S. 122 The Mamie Fay School

Before a 10-session Shakespeare Program residency begins, the teaching artist provides students with an introductory workshop to get a sense of their interests and plans with the teacher. 

While each Shakespeare Program residency looks different, depending on a school’s needs and goals, they all work towards a culminating project: a performance of key scenes from a play, a video project, or another type of creative presentation!

Teachers Learn Active Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare
Participating teachers attend workshops at LCT to learn age-appropriate, hands-on techniques for teaching Shakespeare to their students.