Through our new web portal,, students and teachers will stream LCT's production of Sarah Ruhl’s play BECKY NURSE OF SALEM from home or school, and engage with this funny, touching production.

On the website:

  • For students: a range of creative activities facilitated by LCT's expert teaching artists
  • For teachers: lesson plans connecting the play to literature, history, and other arts learning
  • Everyone: a springboard for learning, discussion, and creative inspiration

High school students attend two productions a year at LCT, seeing shows that range from the most adventurous new musicals to the great classics of world dramatic literature.

"Watching FALSETTOS was a new experience for me as I have never seen a Broadway show. It was wonderful from beginning to end."

— Student, High School of Health Professions and Human Services

Teacher Professional Development
Workshops at LCT throughout the school year give teachers instructional tools and in-depth information to help bring the world of the play into their classrooms.

In-Class Workshops with Teaching Artists
LCT's teaching artistsprovide pre- and post-show workshops that engage students in hands-on theater learning.

After the curtain comes down, students gather in the theater to engage in discussions with the show's cast and crew.

Resource Guides
Teacher resource guides include comprehensive information about the production that students will attend, background on the artists who created it, ideas for classroom activities and resources for further study.