• Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Harry Hadden-Paton has been playing Henry Higgins almost every night for ten months, so the question arises: has his performance changed?

  • Student Matinee: Great Expectations

    Student Matinee: Great Expectations

    On a cold, sunny afternoon this past week, hundreds of New York City high school students milled around the plaza in front of LCT.

  • Setting the Stage

    Setting the Stage

    What comprises the hour-before show tasks known as the "pre-set" at MY FAIR LADY?

  • High School Alumni Visit MY FAIR LADY

    High School Alumni Visit MY FAIR LADY

    It’s a slogan but a true one: the arts can bring people together. For evidence look no further than this past Saturday’s matinee of MY FAIR LADY.

  • A Word About Replacements

    A Word About Replacements

    Over the past month or two, much of the media attention surrounding MY FAIR LADY has involved cast departures and arrivals.

  • The Antique of Speak

    The Antique of Speak

    What is the heavy-looking piece of machinery that Higgins uses to teach Eliza how to speak properly in MY FAIR LADY? And where was it found?