• Paul Staroba: No Show Is The Same

    “The size and quality of this show,” he said, “means that you are constantly seeing new things.”

  • Eliza Goes Bowling

    Eliza Goes Bowling

    To mark the first anniversary of LCT’s MY FAIR LADY, a party was held for cast, crew, LCT staff, and friends at Lucky Strike bowling alley.

  • Leaving and Returning

    Leaving and Returning

    How do actors handle a hiatus and how does it feel when they return to the show?

  • Allan Corduner Talks About Pickering

    Allan Corduner Talks About Pickering

    For the past year Allan Corduner has been delighting audiences with his portrayal of Colonel Pickering in MY FAIR LADY.

  • Diving Under the Covers

    When you spend much time backstage during performances of a popular musical, you quickly gain a sense of which numbers are most loved by the audience.