Maybe it’s the firm arrival of summer weather, maybe it’s the festive spirit of World Pride electrifying the warm New York air, maybe it’s the acknowledgement that they are witnessing the final performances of the run: whatever the reason, the audiences at My Fair Lady this past week have been on fire and the cast is responding with equal fervor.

Oh, you thought that the actors on the Beaumont stage gave the same performance night after night regardless of the mood of patrons? Well, it’s true that as professionals the actors aim always to be true to the story they are telling and to give pleasure to ticketholders. At the same time, the excitement of live theater is that, unlike a movie or a Democratic debate or the latest series you are binge-watching on Netflix, all the audience is in the house and responding in real time. Actors react accordingly.

Even the scenery seems to be vibrating these days. On Wednesday evening, the arrival downstage of the spectacular Higgins Study set met with especially loud applause and I hear that the unit itself seemed taken aback before, briefly, acknowledging the reception. (The unit is powered by an Artificially Intelligent device, which, in this instance, activated its near-human side.)  Almost as thrilled the night before upon her entrance was Kaitlyn Frank, a member of the ensemble. She may not have engendered applause but her pleasure to be upon the Beaumont stage was visible. Frank, you see, is making both her LCT debut and her Broadway debut. Welcome!

Brendan Lemon is the editor of