Based on a novel byMichael Morpurgo
Adapted byNick Stafford
In association withHandspring Puppet Company

Beaumont Theater

WAR HORSE travels from the verdant English countryside to the fields of France and Germany at the outbreak of World War I. A boy's beloved horse has been sold to the cavalry and shipped to France. Caught up in enemy fire, the horse serves on both sides of the war, and survives an odyssey that leaves him alone in no-man's land. The boy, now a young man, cannot forget his horse, and embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home.

WAR HORSE is a magnificent drama, filled with stirring music and beautiful songs. But it is more than just a compelling tale. This is a show of indescribable grandeur and sheer inventiveness -- perhaps the most magical production ever staged for the Beaumont. There are breathing, galloping, charging horses on the stage - their flanks, hides and sinews built of steel, leather and aircraft cables. They are life-size puppets strong enough for men to ride. And that's just one element of this imaginative epic.

WAR HORSE premiered at the National Theatre in November 2007 and moved to London's West End in March 2009.  The American premiere reunited the production's acclaimed London creative team, with an all American cast.

Produced with The National Theatre of Great Britian in association with Bob Boyett.

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