Plays byPaul Rudnick
Directed byNicholas Martin

Newhouse Theater

When the playwright is Paul Rudnick, expectations are geared for a play both hilarious and smart, and THE NEW CENTURY is no exception. It is a funny and outrageous comedy, but it doesn't stop there. Mr. Rudnick is in a provocative mood, and the resulting work, set in New York City in the present day, raises questions not easily answered.

The cast:

Linda Lavin is Helene, a Jewish matron from Massapequa and the self-proclaimed "most loving mother of all time" to her three gay children.

Peter Bartlett is the flamboyant Mr. Charles, currently of Palm Beach, described by Mr. Rudnick as "an aging homosexual hounded out of New York City by younger gay men, who find his flamboyance a threatening throwback to an earlier tougher time."

Mike Doyle plays two roles: Helene's son, the doctor, David, and Shane, Mr. Charles' partner in life and on their cable television show, "Too Gay."

Jayne Houdyshell is Barbara Ellen, a Midwestern craftswoman and competitive cake-decorator on a visit to New York.

Christy Pusz is Joanne, the cable show's young receptionist.

Ultimately, all of these hilarious and poignant people collide under surprising and comical circumstances, providing evidence of just where our new century might be heading.

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