A new play byKirsten Greenidge
Directed byRebecca Taichman

Claire Tow Theater

When an upwardly mobile African-American couple wants to buy a home in an all-white neighborhood of 1950's Boston, they pay a struggling Irish family to "ghost-buy" a house on their behalf. Fifty years later, the Irish family wants "their" house back.

Moving across two eras, LUCK OF THE IRISH explores racial and social issues and the universal longing for home.

"Ghost buying was how my grandparents bought their house in a predominantly white town in the 1950s. The American dream is that you should be able to provide a home for your family. But often, if you are 'other' - poor, of color, what-have-you - there are forces conspiring against you. I am more than slightly obsessed with recognizing how race and class intersect - and they always do in America." -Kirsten Greenidge

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