Newhouse Theater

HAPGOOD is a comic spy story by the great Tom Stoppard. The brainteasing plot of this 1988 play turns on two sets of twin spies, who may (or may not) be double agents, using twin sets of secret information, which may (or may not) have gotten into the wrong hands. Add to the mix that one of the spies is also a brilliant physicist, drawing parallels between the Uncertainty Principle of quantum mechanics and the ambivalent allegiances of spices. If it sounds complicated, it is—but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand HAPGOOD is fun to puzzle out. There is a more personal side to HAPGOOD, too, as we discover that the title character, Hapgood, is not only "Mother" (her codename as a senior British spy) but also a real-life single mother of a young boy. There are poignant scenes at her son's boarding school, where Hapgood must face the sacrifices she's made for her high-stakes job.