A new play byKeith Bunin
Directed byTyne Rafaeli

Newhouse Theater

Running Time: Approximately 95 minutes with no intermission

You never know how your life might change...

In Keith Bunin’s new play, a young man armed with a secret that can land him in terrible trouble boards the Coast Starlight, the long-distance train that runs from Los Angeles to Seattle. With the help of his fellow travelers, all of whom are reckoning with their own choices, he has roughly one thousand miles to figure out a way forward. THE COAST STARLIGHT is a smart, funny, and compassionate story about our capacity for invention and re-invention when life goes off the rails. Directed by Tyne Rafaeli (Epiphany, LCT3's Power Strip). 

NYT Critic's Pick!
"Sends up sparks of sharp humor! Let it do what any train should — move you."

Alexis Soloski, The New York Times, March 13, 2023

Listen as playwright Ketih Bunin tells the story behind THE COAST STARLIGHT!

"Brilliant and luminous. A funny, moving dramatic jewel that is as witty as it is deep. A must-see!"

Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast, March 13, 2023

Watch a teaser!

"A beautifully written play about the trails we take and the paths we do not."

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania, March 13, 2023

Watch a montage of scenes from THE COAST STARLIGHT!

The Coast Starlight On the LCT Blog

  • Camila Canó-Flaviá Draws a Portrait of Her Character

    Camila Canó-Flaviá Draws a Portrait of Her Character

    "On the train, Jane meets T.J., who stirs things up for her. She decides that if she can find a way to live the emotions he’s inciting it might be worth letting go of the pain she’s been feeling.”

  • Ben Pearcy Explains Projections

    Ben Pearcy Explains Projections

    "I always say the projection is a very sharp knife so you have to cut very carefully."