Newhouse Theater

The young author of BROKE-OLOGY, Nathan Louis Jackson, created a stirring portrait of an African-American family whose two sons' differences define them. This vivid family drama had its New York premiere at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater as the opening production of Lincoln Center Theater's 25th season.

Mr. Jackson's work is reminiscent of Lorraine Hansberry in its true-to-life naturalism, and also of Carson McCullers in its quiet moments of emotional conflict.

BROKE-OLOGY is about the King family who have weathered the hardships of life and survived with their love for each other intact. The father lives in the house the boys grew up in. He's alone, but he maintains his allegiance with their mother in his own way. When the brothers are called home to take care of him, they find themselves strangely at odds.

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