• Stage-Managing MY FAIR LADY

    Stage-Managing MY FAIR LADY

    Between shows this week, I sat down with Jennifer Rae Moore, Production Stage Manager of MY FAIR LADY.

  • A Few Quick Questions for Danny Burstein

    A Few Quick Questions for Danny Burstein

    It’s not really fair to ask interview time of actors during their first week in a major new role. But not all performers, however, are Danny Burstein.

  • Norbert Leo Butz: A Tribute

    Norbert Leo Butz: A Tribute

    Now that Norbert Leo Butz is finishing his acclaimed run in MY FAIR LADY, I can let you in on a little secret.

  • Greetings, Friends!

    I’ve heard your pleas: it is that time ★ To, yes, revive my feast of rhyme...

  • Adelaide Talks About Hilary

    Adelaide Talks About Hilary

    "As I got deeper into the story, I thought: this isn’t so much about neuroscience."

  • Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Here's Harry's Henry Higgins

    Harry Hadden-Paton has been playing Henry Higgins almost every night for ten months, so the question arises: has his performance changed?