• A Word About Replacements

    A Word About Replacements

    Over the past month or two, much of the media attention surrounding MY FAIR LADY has involved cast departures and arrivals.

  • Design In Perspective

    Design In Perspective

    I had a couple of brief conversations with David Rockwell, the set designer for THE HARD PROBLEM.

  • PLOT POINTS Montage

    PLOT POINTS Montage

    Watch this montage of scenes from PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT at LCT3.

  • The Antique of Speak

    The Antique of Speak

    What is the heavy-looking piece of machinery that Higgins uses to teach Eliza how to speak properly in MY FAIR LADY? And where was it found?

  • THE HARD PROBLEM: First-Preview Party

    THE HARD PROBLEM: First-Preview Party

    If you had had scans of the actors’ brains last night, as they entered PJ Clarke’s restaurant, after the first preview of THE HARD PROBLEM, I’m sure you would have seen intense activity in their right orbitofrontal cortexes. In layperson’s terms: they were hungry.

  • Lauren Ambrose Takes A Final Bow

    Lauren Ambrose Takes A Final Bow

    When I sat with Lauren Ambrose, heading this weekend for her final performance as Eliza Doolittle in MY FAIR LADY, I couldn’t help but ask: What has Ambrose herself learned this year?