Newhouse Theater

This contemporary story by Wendy Wasserstein is about Sara Rosensweig, an American banker living in London who celebrates her 54th birthday with her two younger sisters: Gorgeous, group leader of the Newton, Mass. Beth-El Sisterhood on their tour of the Crown Jewels and Harrods, and Pfeni, an international travel writer.

Add to the party: Geoffrey, Pfeni's sometime lover and Sara's upstairs neighbor; Geoffrey's houseguest, "faux furrier" Merv Kant; Sara's daughter, her activist boyfriend, and British businessman Nick Pym and, as Gorgeous would say, you have quite a "funsy" group.

Of course the play is very funny and touching; these are the hallmarks of Wendy's work. But THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG also reveals a greater degree of maturity and craft than in any other Wasserstein play. Wendy has created memorable characters with these Rosensweig women (though the play's other characters are terrific, too!) and she has created them all with an authentic New York voice.

THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG made its world debut at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at LCT on 9/25/92, and continued until 2/28/93. It then reopened on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on 3/3/93, and continued until 7/16/94.