Richard Nelson

LCT: Nikolai and the OthersTwo Shakespearean Actors, Some Americans Abroad. Plays include The Apple Family Plays (That Hopey Changey Thing, Sweet and Sad, Sorry and Regular Singing), Farewell to the Theatre, Conversations in Tusculum, Frank's Home, Rodney's Wife, Franny's Way, Madame Melville, Goodnight Children Everywhere, The General From America, New England. Musicals: James Joyce's The Dead (with Shaun Davey), My Life With Albertine (with Ricky Ian Gordon). Screenplays: Hyde Park on Hudson and Ethan Frome. Translations include Molnar's The Guardsman and a series of Russian plays co-translated with Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. Awards include a Tony and an Olivier. An Honorary Associate Artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Lives in Upstate New York.

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