Newhouse Theater

Elaine May has been a unique voice in American theater and film for over 35 years. In her play MR. GOGOL AND MR. PREEN, both humor and pathos were present in this off-beat tale about the unlikely friendship between Mr. Gogol, a reclusive retiree, and Mr. Preen, a door-to-door salesman who falls ill during a sales call at Mr. Gogol's apartment—and winds up staying there to recuperate. Whoever said opposites attract must have had Gogol and Preen in mind. The only thing these two have in common is that Gogol (whose wife recently died) and Preen (whose mother recently died) are both alone in the world. In their time together, Messrs. Gogol and Preen discuss the state of the world, argue about religion and politics, play a bottomless game of chess, combat a perpetually flushing toilet, and fend off a woman from down the hall who's in love with Gogol.