Conceived, written and directed byThe Flying Karamazov Brothers

Beaumont Theater

The Dawn of Time. Person-kind makes its second discovery, Juggling, invented as a result of touching the first discovery, Fire. Surrounding person-kind has its first good laugh and Vaudeville becomes the third oldest profession. The Flying Karamazov Brothers continue that Grand Tradition of the Theatre, performing their full-sized stage show with all the bells and whistles in nice places everywhere, from Broadway on up. The Flying Karamazov Brothers also find time to work in cahoots with other Actors, Musicians and Artistes in presenting Theatrical Spectacles such as the much acclaimed Comedy of Errors, produced at Chicago's Goodman Theatre, or their Movie Debut as the Camel-riding Cavalry (Camelry?) in The Jewel of the Nile. The Flying Karamazov Brothers was conceived, written and directed by the Flying Karamazov Brothers. Any use of the play-by-play without the written consent of Major League Juggling is prohibited. This show originally opened in the Vivian Beaumont Theater and moved to the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater on April 23, 1986.