Newhouse Theater

John Lithgow won two Tony Awards, four Emmys and has had seven books for children on The New York Times best-seller list. This brilliant actor/writer has some stories to tell! In STORIES BY HEART he invokes memories of three generations of family history while tracing his own life as an actor and storyteller.

Mr. Lithgow tells of reading P.G. Wodehouse to his father when he was gravely ill -- the same story his father had read to him 50 years before (a jazzy tour-de-force, he plays 9 characters!) It rallied the old man's failing spirits and in the sound of his father's laughter, Mr. Lithgow discovered the healing power of storytelling -- and so will audiences through this funny and touching performance.

John Lithgow's delightful STORIES BY HEART returned for an encore season in 2009, with two stories in repertory.