Written and performed byJohn Lithgow
Directed byJack O'Brien

Newhouse Theater

In the Spring of 2008, John Lithgow took over the Newhouse on Sundays and Mondays to share his delightful STORIES BY HEART. The tour-de-force was such a hit with audiences that we brought it back for an encore season! This time around Mr. Lithgow performed two stories in repertory on Sundays and Mondays when the Newhouse was not filled with Happiness.

The first story was Ring Lardner's "Haircut" which takes a wry look at midwestern implacability in the tale told by a Michigan barber who's seen it all, or so he believes.

The second story was a reprise of last season's favorite, P.G. Wodehouse's "Uncle Fred Flits By" in which a skeptical nephew is taken on a very funny journey by his unstoppable uncle.

Mr. Lithgow doesn't just tell his stories: he invokes memories of his grandmother and father before him - tracing his own history as an actor and storyteller, a history that spans three generations. Interspersed with stories from his own life are these stories that were told to him and his siblings when they were children.