A new play byChristopher Shinn
Directed byJames Macdonald

Newhouse Theater

Christopher Shinn's DYING CITY an intimate play, set in a spare downtown-Manhattan apartment, depicts the role of historic events that transform the lives of three closely observed characters. Infusing his play with references to the war in Iraq and to 9/11 and its aftermath, Shinn explores the loss of a loved one who has died while on military duty in Iraq, and the repercussions of this death on his wife, Kelly, and identical twin brother, Peter.

DYING CITY begins as Peter, agitated and unannounced, barges in on Kelly's solitary evening at home. Kelly has deliberately avoided Peter since the last time they saw each other a year ago at Craig's funeral. Though the military has deemed Craig's death in Iraq accidental, Peter suspects otherwise.

Shinn has structured DYING CITY as alternating encounters. Scenes shift between Kelly and Peter's face-off, as the distraught brother forces his sister-in-law to confront the tragic legacy that connects them, and Kelly's last night with Craig, a farewell marred by bitter accusations and long-simmering resentments.

DYING CITY had its world premiere in Spring 2006 at London's Royal Court Theatre. The Times of London review called it "austere and meticulous... a demanding work but equally rewarding." And Variety described it as an "achingly compassionate new play" by a "gifted" dramatist.