Based on the novel byGabriel García Márquez
Adapted byGraciela Daniele
andJim Lewis
Music byBob Telson
Additional material byMichael John LaChiusa
Conceived, Directed and Choreographed byGraciela Daniele

Plymouth Theatre

CHRONICLE OF A DEATH FORETOLD is a musical adaptation of the novel by Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. This exciting and unusual adaptation was inspired by the director/choreographer Graciela Daniele's deep passion for this compelling story. Her work began as a search for the theatrical equivalents of García Márquez's evocative literary style. The dark mysteries of the story are revealed through Daniele's unique and seamless wedding of dance, music, song, words and design. The ceremonies and festivals of a small town in South America give way to real dance - the kind of choreography more often seen in dance companies than in theater. CHRONICLE OF A DEATH FORETOLD is based on an event that took place in the town where García Márquez lived: it is particularly poignant because it is true. A young bride is rejected by her husband on their wedding night, when he discovers she's not a virgin. She is returned to her mother's home and forced to reveal her seducer. When she names her brothers' best friend, the fate of the story is sealed. The brothers set out to kill their friend to maintain the family honor. Their conflict about committing the murder is so great that they announce to everyone in the town that they intend to seek revenge. Yet no one in the town stops the killing. "There has never been a death more foretold" is the chilling refrain throughout the piece.