• Catching up with Clarke Peters

    Catching up with Clarke Peters

    "'THE ROYALE' has been a great experience,” Peters said. “We have a wonderful ensemble, and a play that concisely represents different points of view. It’s been a chance to learn about the politics of the time”

  • Students are in the (New)house

    Students are in the (New)house

    This week’s Wednesday matinee of THE ROYALE marked a first for me: I’d never attended a student performance in the Newhouse.

  • Khris Davis: Outside the Ring

    "I’ve found that the scenario onstage is much more personal than anything in a documentary or newspaper clipping.”

  • Opening Night: A Knockout

    Opening Night: A Knockout

    Timing plays a big role in every live performance – the exact moment when the actor delivers that crucial line, the precise beat when that blinding spotlight hits the stage.