• Greetings, Friends!

    I’ve heard your pleas: it is that time ★ To, yes, revive my feast of rhyme...

  • Adelaide Talks About Hilary

    Adelaide Talks About Hilary

    "As I got deeper into the story, I thought: this isn’t so much about neuroscience."

  • Katie Beth Hall: Teen Actor

    Katie Beth Hall: Teen Actor

    “One thing I’m learning about being an actor is that when you have more confidence you usually give a better performance.”

  • How YouTube Inspired Chris O'Shea

    How YouTube Inspired Chris O'Shea

    To research his role in THE HARD PROBLEM, Chris O’Shea explored intellectuals not only via books but via debates on YouTube.

  • Design In Perspective

    I had a couple of brief conversations with David Rockwell, the set designer for THE HARD PROBLEM.

  • THE HARD PROBLEM: First-Preview Party

    If you had had scans of the actors’ brains last night, as they entered PJ Clarke’s restaurant, after the first preview of THE HARD PROBLEM, I’m sure you would have seen intense activity in their right orbitofrontal cortexes. In layperson’s terms: they were hungry.