• Celebrating Pride!

    Celebrating Pride!

    LCT celebrates this month of Pride by highlighting some of the extraordinary LGBTQIA stories seen on our stages over the years.

  • A Final Word About Marvin and Whizzer

    A Final Word About Marvin and Whizzer

    Until this week, I wasn’t sure why I had waited until the end of the run of FALSETTOS to write about Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells.

  • Greetings, Friends!

    Fair readers, all, please lend an ear ★ We’ve made it (barely) through this year...

  • Students Pack a Matinee

    Students Pack a Matinee

    At the Wednesday matinee this week of FALSETTOS, at which 898 students were present, the degree of rapt attentiveness to the stage was extraordinary.

  • Tracie Thoms Goes with the Flo

    Tracie Thoms Goes with the Flo

    “In times of crisis, we have to remember the healing power of art. It helps us to cope.”

  • What 12-Year-Olds Do Backstage

    What 12-Year-Olds Do Backstage

    Ask Anthony Rosenthal about his experience in FALSETTOS, in which he plays Jason, and he replies, “I’m having the time of my life.”