JC has always been a writer. As a child, he wrote everything from poetry to prose to "A really bad Tolkien rip-off that everyone in my family told me they read, but nobody actually did!" JC had also always been an actor. In his freshman year of college, his roommate brought home a flyer for a new play festival and said, "You do theatre. And you write. So why don't you just write theatre?" JC recalls, "I didn't even realize that writing plays was something people did until the moment he put that flyer in my hands." He wrote a play, it was selected for that new play festival, and he has been writing plays ever since. 

2013 not only marks JC's debut in New York's professional theater world, but also his debut in television- as a writer for the highly-anticipated HBO show "Looking," starring Jonathan Groff. JC says, "TV is a wildly different world. It's a world I love because what I love about theater is the collaborative part of the process. And in TV, it's even more of that on the writing level, so that's been really great." Balancing his first professional production with his first TV job has been a challenge: "It was sort of crazy that I came right from the writer's room in LA to here in NYC!" 

"I don't stop long enough to realize the trajectory. Because I feel like if I do that, I will screw up and not be as good at what I want to do. So I try to stay focused on the work. And luckily for me, the work is really, really fulfilling right now." 

Natasha Sinha is the LCT3 Associate at LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater.