Over the next 2 weeks, we will be highlighting the FLEX actresses who make up the “Lady Train” team’s starting lineup. Check back for more Q&As with members of the cast!

Name: Renita Lewis
Role in FLEX: Donna Cunningham

Basketball position on the team: Center
What do you have in common with your character?: Donna and I are both from the South and we both played center. She has a focus I deeply connect with and she has the ability to be present in her current situation while also being extremely goal oriented.

What is your character’s “pump-up” song?: “This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan

A personal memory from high school: Pep Rallies! They were always my favorite days. We were let out of classes early and my friends and I would paint our bodies and have the most fun dancing and cheering our football team on for the games!

3 adjectives to describe FLEX: Exciting, Fierce, Connected
Favorite 90s style: I love the baggy jeans and vibrant colors of the 90s.

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Photos by Ambe J. Williams