This show has a lot of handkerchiefs in it. In fact, I'd say there are more handkerchiefs per minute in The Coward than any other show in New York. I've already told the marketing people they should use that in the advertising, but they just said they'd take it "under advisement." I think we should sell handkerchiefs in the lobby with 'The Coward' embroidered on them. We'd make a FORTUNE! Handkerchiefs are very big right now. Ever since that rapper used one on television---I can't remember his name---he used one at the Grammys. Now everywhere I go I see hipsters with handkerchiefs. It's very au courant. Either that or else there's a cold going around. I told the marketing people we need to play up the handkerchief angle, but do they listen to me? No. Even though they should, since I'm under 50 and therefore highly tuned in to youth culture. Isn't that the whole point of this LCT3 program, to attract young audiences? Well, if you really want to get young people to the theater, you need to give them what they want: handkerchiefs. Also, period plays. With chestnut colored furniture. That's very sexy right now. You know what isn't sexy? Bloody period underwear. The other day, Jeremy Strong was asking a question about a scene (full of questions, that guy) And he was like, "so in this scene I'm just standing here in like, bloody period underwear?" And we were all like "YOU JUST SAID BLOODY PERIOD UNDERWEAR." And then we all laughed. And then we stopped laughing, and got back to work.

(Nick Jones is the author of The Coward.)