"This special edition of the Lincoln Center Theater Review is filled with voices - from behind the scenes and on the stage.  We hope it brings to life the rich history that has made Lincoln Center Theater what it is today.  There are rare glimpses into an actor's life; ruminations from directors; memories from audience members; lively discussions about the design and building of the highly unusual Vivian Beaumont Theater; a history of the artistic directors and executive producers who have shaped the theater; stories of the construction of the Lincoln Center complex in the mid-1960s; commentary on its recent renovations; and an essay that embodies his special view of Lincoln Center Theater, from my partner and our current executive producer, Bernard Gersten, a veteran of three artistic administrations here.

And these pages are filled with dreams.  My dream is to create an enduring cultural institution that is a home for artists of all kinds.  After so many years of struggle and failure, struggle and success, Bernard Gersten and I feel that we have at long last realized this dream: a sense of permanence.  Lincoln Center Theater is here to stay."

-André Bishop, Artistic Director

The LEON LEVY FOUNDATION has made a special generous grant in support of this anniversary issue.

The Rosenthal Family Foundation is the Lincoln Center Theater Review's founding and sustaining donor.

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