The 2001 Lab began by asking a series of questions: What is a theatrical style? What defines it? What elements create it? Does style define a period, a generation, a movement? What is the relationship between style and taste? How do elements of acting and design, as well as playwriting define a theatrical style? Is there a style that defines new theatrical work today?

The centerpiece of the 2001 Lab (June 11-30) was the three-week rehearsal sessions conducted by master artist Shi-Zheng Chen, the young Chinese director whose production of THE PEONY PAVILION caused an international contretemps when it was not allowed to leave China for performances as part of Lincoln Center Festival '99. Mr. Chen explored a classical Chinese play called THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO written by Ji Jun-Xiang in 1280. During rehearsals, which were observed by members of the Lab, Mr. Chen and his ensemble explored how an author from a far-removed era created a theatrical style. How does a modern director and his collaborative partners translate this ancient style into a contemporary, cross-cultural idiom? Mr. Chen invited Qian Yi and Zhou Long, two classically trained Chinese actors (his exiled stars from THE PEONY PAVILION), and Wei Guo-Yong, a traditional Chinese-instrument musician, to be the resource artists for the American company. The cast did not attempt to recreate the Chinese performance tradition, but instead worked with Mr. Chen to find an "American" way of performing the play. Also joining Mr. Chen in the rehearsal room were scenic designer Michael Levine (MNEMONIC) and playwright Howard Korder (BOYS' LIFE, THE LIGHTS), who rephrased the original Chinese text into a modern vernacular.

The actors and artistic staff worked together to find a way to perform THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO by developing a style in which the ensemble would create the physical world of the play through movement, music and sound, and costumes. At two presentations, the ensemble presented a 45-minute excerpt of the play to an invited audience of 200, demonstrating a highly original fusion of traditional and modern elements-both in staging and design. LCT scheduled a second four-week workshop of THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO for October 2001.

Thornton Wilder based many of his works on a wide range of sources, borrowing traditions and plots from, (among others influences), Asian theater, ancient Greek drama, and 19th-century German farce. Because his output is so stylistically diverse, Wilder was an ideal subject for the Lab's focus on style. Wilder's original works, as well as material based on his work, were explored in thirteen three-day workshops. Rehearsals, attended by Lab directors, formed a common basis for discussion.

In the second week of the Lab, again concentrating on style, directors chose the work of contemporary authors. One-day rehearsal sessions were conducted to discern the style of plays by Richard Perez (SECRET THINGS), Julie Marie Myatt (COWBIRD), Richard Ramirez (AMERiGRANT), Keith Bunin (THE PRINCIPALITY OF SORROWS), Don DeLillo (VALPARAISO), Ping Chong (TRUTH AND BEAUTY) and Craig Lucas (THE SINGING FOREST). In addition, Lab directors explored short plays by Suzan-Lori Parks (THE DEATH OF THE LAST BLACK MAN IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD), Sam Shepard (THE ROCK GARDEN), and Sarah Kane (4.48 PSYCHOSIS).

The Young Directors Project founded at the Salzberg Festspiel. LCT Lab Directors Nancy Jones and Rubén Polendo attend.

Lab Directors

Armstrong, Mark
Bishop, Nancy
Brooks, Hal
Burke, Mary Catherine
Busch, Regina
Capraru, Jennifer
Celdran, Carlos
Chan, Ping Chiu
Chisholm, Kate
Cooper, Cat
Crispino, Orietta
Dean, Peter
Dixon, Yasmin
Dolman, Chris
Dominguez, Kevin
Downey, Kiara
Drumm, Louise
Duncan, Ilesa
Eusebio, Miriam
Eyre, Thyrza
Feder, Katie Schmidt
George, Nadine
Gregg, James
Grilli, Gabriel
Josepher, Laura
Kachadurian, Zoya
Kagan, Jennifer
Kelly, Kirsten
Kilbane, Dan
Kilburn, Kappy
Kleine, Andrea
Kreith, Ari Laura
Kuehn, Richard
Kweon, Hye-Mi
Mackler, Zoe
McCallum, Davis
Miller, Marie-Louise
Misdary, Isis
Nazryan, Ariel
Neeb, Noel
Petermann, Lori
Pressman, David
Ramirez, Rebeca
Robinson, Scott
Rodwin, David
Rosen, Lauren
Rosswog, Joseph
Rubin, Barbara
Salvatore, Joe
Sarmiento, Ricardo
Schoevaert, Marion
Seiderman, Pamela
Shelton, Brad
Smock, Brett
Taber, Katie
Tattenbaum, Michelle
Wade, Lezlie
Williamson, Elizabeth
Winitsky, David
Yang, Alex

Lab Master Artists

Shi-Zheng Chen
Ping Chong
Don DeLillo
Howard Korder
Michael Levine
Zhou Long
Qian Yi

Lab Actors

Anderson, Stephen Lee
Bryant, Brienin
Campbell, Rob
Carpenter, Jennifer
Carter, Adrienne
Corbett, Winslow
de la Peña, George
Deeker, Aubrey
Demery, Brandon
Denmark, Brenda Thomas
Diaz, Natascia
Graham, Enid
Harner, Jason Butler
Hayenga, Jeff
Hugot, Marceline
Isola, Kevin
Kelly, David Patrick
Kwon, John Woo Taak
Lampley, Oni Faida
LaVecchia, Antoinette
Lieber, Mimi
McKinney, Chris
Miller, Yusef
Murray, Mary Gordon
O'Neil, James Joseph
Pilar, Susan
Quintero, Joe
Saldivar, Matthew
Schall, Thomas
Sella, Robert
Sesma, Thom
Van Dyck, Jennifer
Walker, Jonathan
Ward, Tony
Wolf, Rita
Wolos-Fonteno, David

Lab Playwrights

Samuel Beckett
Oleg Bogaev
Keith Bunin
Olivier Cadiot
Sheila Callaghan
Jordan Cerruti
Ping Chong
Don DeLillo
Thyrza Eyre
Michael Frayn
Hernan Galindo
Noah Haidle
Sarah Kane
Laura Klein
Ji Jun-Xiang
Jason Sinclair Long
Craig Lucas
Alice Malloy
Frank McGuinness
Itamar Moses
Julie Marie Myatt
Norman Noll
Dominic Orlando
Sophocles Papavasilopoulous
Suzan-Lori Parks
Richard Perez
Anne Phelan
Richard Ramirez
Yasmine Rana
Sam Shepard
Ryan K. Vemmer
Cherie Vogelstein
Thornton Wilder

Lab Designers

Bailey, Carol
Clark, Amy
Hampton, Katherine
Hourie, Troy
Hudson, Reginald
Klein, Randall
Lee, Georgia
Lemoi, Kyle
Levine, Michael
Marschall, Garin
McBride, Tammy
Murphy, Robert
Patton, Fitz
Rizzi, Trefoni Michael
Streber, Ryan
Villamil, Mirem
Webb, Chris
Lee, GiHieh
Carey, Daniel
Brandkamp, Teresa
Culwell, Lori
Cabrera, Dominic

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Janet Takami
Lab Assistant: Amy Conant

Michael Saint-Denis's The Rediscovery of Style

Director's Bag of Tricks - Kappy Kilburn on First Day of Rehearsal Problem Solving

Lori Peteman and Peter Dean on Movement Techniques and Exercises

Ariel Nazarian on the Stage Manager - Director Relationship

International Session led by Louise Drumm

Martin Blank on Thornton Wilder

Playwrights Roundtable

Actors Roundtable

Artistic Director Roundtable led by Jim Simpson, Elise Bernhardt, Mara Isaacs, Daniel Aukin, and and Jordan Roth

Designers Roundtable

Michael Kahn

Visit to TCG Conference in Philadelphia

Shi-Zheng Chen

Mark Valdez, Cornerston Theater Company

Tazewell Thompson

John Kander & Fred Ebb

Jerry Mitchell, Scott Schwartz, Ted Sperling, Jeanine Tesori, and Ira Weitzman on Musical Theater

Thornton Wilder Plays:


THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH directed by Melanie Martin Long

BERNICE directed by Ian Morgan

BERNICE directed by Mwalim Allah

THE DRUNKEN SISTERS directed by Richard Wolfe

PULLMAN CAR HIAWATHA directed by Sonoko Kawahara

THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY directed by Alec Duffy

CHILDHOOD directed by Keira Fromm

THE LONG CHRISTMAS DINNER directed by Paul Todaro

THE LONG CHRISTMAS DINNER directed by Tracy Bersley

WRECK ON THE 5:25 directed by April Nickell

LEVIATHAN/AND THE SEA/MALCHUS directed by Michael Alltop

THE EMPORIUM directed by Miriam Eusebio

New Plays:

SECRET THINGS by Richard Perez; directed by Mark Armstrong

COWBIRD by Julie Marie Myatt; directed by Joe Salvatore

AMERiGRANT by Richard Ramirez; directed by Rebecca Ramirez

THE PRINCIPALITY OF SORROWS by Keith Bunin;directed by Ari Laura Kreith

VALPARAISO by Don DeLillo; directed by Hal Brooks

TRUTH AND BEAUTY by Ping Chong; Directed by Zoe Mackler

THE SINGING FOREST by Craig Lucas; Directed by Marie-Louise Miller

THE DEATH OF THE LAST BLACK MAN IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD by Suzan-Lori Parks; Directed by Nadine George

THE ROCK GARDEN by Sam Shepard; Directed by Joseph Rosswog

4.48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane; Directed by Elizabeth Williamson

The American Living Room at HERE

THE UNKNOWN GUEST by Olivier Cadiot; Directed by Marion Shoevaert

AL SHAHID (THE ONE WHO WITNESSES), Written and Directed by Thyrza Eyre

MUSHROOM IN HER HANDS by Anne Phelan; Directed by Regina Busch

ALARMS by Michael Frayn; Directed by Marc Bruni

THE CHROMIUM HOOK by Norman Noll and Itamar Moses; Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum

DATE WITH A STRANGER by Cherie Vogelstein; Directed by Chris Dolman

WOMEN & CRIMINALS by Noah Haidle; Directed by Davis McCallum

BAGLADY by Frank McGuinness; Directed by Kiara Downey

CHILDREN OF SALT by Hernan Galindo; Directed by Scott Robinson

GREEN EYES DREAMING by Jason Sinclair Long; Directed by Lori Petermann

THE TWILIGHT SERIES: A PLAY ABOUT KILLING TIME by Laura Klein, Directed by Peter S. Petralia

METAL by Sheila Callaghan and Sophocles Papavasilopoulous; Directed by Hayley Fin

HOT & BOTHERED by Jordan Cerruti; Directed by Jordan Cerruti

DEAF SOULS, OR THE REVISED HISTORY OF TOILET PAPER by Oleg Bogaev in a translation by Kira Zatulovska & Maya Bernstein; directed by Regina Busch

NOTES/DIRECTIONS by Ryan K. Vemmer; Directed by Brian Rodgers

RETURNING by Yasmine Rana & Alice Malloy; Directed & Choreographed by Alicia Dhyana

ARTISTS AND ANGLERS; by Dominic Orlando; Directed by Dominic Orlando

NOT I by Samuel Beckett; Directed by Lauren Rosen

Master Workshop (June 11-30)

THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO by Ji Jun-Xiang; Directed by Shi-Zheng Chen