Members of the 2016 Lab submitted  a new play by a playwright they admired. In three spaces at LCT, six directors, six contemporary  playwrights and six designers rehearsed for 3 hours a day for three weeks. A company of 22 actors were cast in roles in two plays for the three weeks – three plays rehearsed in the mornings, and three in the afternoons.   

Towards the end  we invited Lab alums and other guests into the rooms  so the playwrights’ work could be seen in the stage where the process had led.  In the spirit of the Lab,  we didn’t foresee any kind of finished work – instead an exploration with a play that had benefited from investigation or additional work during the Lab.  We concluded with a farewell pizza party and invited Lab alums from the past 22 years to join the celebration.

Lab Directors

Sash Bischoff
Neel Chaudhuri
Kristy Dodson
Menelaos Karantzas
Lillian Viveros
Mackenzie Goodwin Tran

Lab Playwrights

James Presson
Swar Thounaojam
Liza Birkenmeier
Andreas Flourakis
Georgina Escobar
Nathan Louis Jackson

Lab Designers

Katie Spelman
You-Shin Chen
Josh Smith
Nok Kanchanabanca
Irma Brainard
Marte Ekhougen

​Lab Actors

Raul Aranas
Brian Cross
Ceci Fernandez
Ryan Garbayo
Brandon Gill
Jonathan Gordon
Miriam Hyman
Mahira Kakkar
Nedra McClyde
Postell Pringle
Josh Salt
Debargo Sanyal
Alec Shaw
Aneesh Sheth
Jaime Lincoln Smith
J.D Taylor
Ariana Venturi
Tyler Weeks
Libby Woodbridge
Johnny Wu

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Larry Copeland
Lab Assistant: Lauren Messeck

Stage Management

Jen Grunfeld      
Ayisha Hunt       
B. Bales Karlin
Haylee Scott       

Fuck Marry Kill by James Presson

I Want A Country by Andreas Flourakis, translated by Alexi Kaye Campbell

Sweep by Georgina Escobar

the hollower by Liza Birkenmeier

Turel by Swar Thounaojam

Why Brother Toad Cannot Sleep by Nathan Louis Jackson