The Lab's three weeks involved many of the directors sharing techniques, directing plays, discussing the directing style of master artists they worked with, and sharing experiences from different parts of the world. Zimbabwean Lab director Langhlihle Styx Mhlanga explored Sophocles' Oedipus with the help of Lab director Lileana Blain-Cruz and with company actors and the Lab directors as the play's chorus and with choreographer Maija Garcia and percussionist Yoshihiro Takemasa. Alex Harvey delved into a new version of the 1920's Expressionist play Brokenbrow, by Ernst Toller with dramaturg April Donahower, and playwright Sarah Ruhl led a discussion on Expressionist drama and its influences on contemporary American playwriting. Four new plays were rehearsed for a week: The Master Shepherds of Hookjook by Yusef Miller, directed by Crystal A. Dickenson, Absalom by Zoe Kazan, directed by David Auburn, Goldstar, Ohio by Michael Tisdale, directed by Andy Paris and The Sleeping World by Crystal Skillman, directed by Scott Ebersold. Four Lab members, Craig Baldwin, Ron Bashford, Aaron Oster and Daniel Waldron, each directed the third act of Shakespeare's Macbeth in unusual site-specific locations around the building as part of an investigation into how space defines a director's interpretation and approach to a text. And as these rehearsal investigations proceeded, the Lab hosted a designer clambake, visited with Master Designer Ming Cho Lee at his Designer Clambake, and discussed lighting design with the Tony Award winning trio of lighting designers from The Coast of Utopia, Brian MacDevitt, Kenneth Posner and Natasha Katz. Additional guests in the Lab included Jack O'Brien, Bartlett Sher, Anna D. Shapiro, George C. Wolfe and Aubrey Sekhabi from South Africa. Finally, Sekhabi joined more than a dozen international alumni of the Directors Lab who returned to help brainstorm a new initiative which aims to create a network of theaters around the globe which can invite directors to explore work from their own cultures in a new environment.

Lab Directors

Azab, Sherrine
Baldwin, Craig
Bashford, Ron
Blain-Cruz, Lileana
Brah, Poonam
Chamberlain, Travis
Dickinson, Crystal
Erdberg, Danny
Farver, Maura
Ferraioli, Rich
Finley, Harold
Fisch, Jessica
Francoise, Sarah
Griesbach, Jennifer
Harrison, Jill
Harvey, Alex
Jackson, Terah
Kendrick, Aixa
Kessler, Lutz
Krohn, Sarah
Laratonda, Carol
Lugo, Hector
MacMillan, Kathryn KC
Matlovsky, Alisa
Maugans, Wayne
Mhlanga, Styx
Moon, Caitlin
Moore, Zoe Aja
Morett, Maria
Mylott, Colleen
Newton, Alistair
Nousiainen, Jaakko
Oppenheim, Yoni
Oster, Aaron
Ottoson, Andy
Paris, Andy
Payne, Monica
Purcell, Ryan Guzzo
Quinn, Jeremy
Renfro, Shawn
Rigdon, Trish
Robertz, Andreas
Rothstein, Peter
Sardashti, Jessica Zoya
Schultz, Joanie
Schultz, Joseph
Simon, Andrew
Tasini, Erika
Troost, Julie
Upchurch, Gaye Taylor
Vartoughian, Christine
Waldron, Daniel
Ward, Joseph
Watson, Nicole
Wiggans, Gregg
Yaghoobian, Eileen
Zhou, Mo
Zucchi, Nicola

Lab Master Artists

John Conklin
Steve Cosson
Jim Lewis
Michael Friedman
Natasha Katz
Brian MacDevitt
Kenneth Posner
David Newell
Catherine Owens
Jack O'Brien
Rubén Polendo
Sarah Ruhl
Aubrey Sekhabi
Anna Shapiro
Bartlett Sher
George C. Wolfe

Lab Actors

Abraham, Jolly
Anderson, Stephen Lee
Beard, Alec
Brick, Jeff
Campbell, Rob
Dalal, Noshir
Davis, Diane
Davis, Keith
Dirden, Brandon
Giobbe, Anney
Holmes, Rick
Howard, Sherman
Love, Brad
Mackay, Lizbeth
MacVittie, Bruce
Neergaard, Garrett
O'Connell, Caitlin
Scanavino, Peter
Shenkman, Ben
Siff, Maggie
Steeves, Finnerty
Trent, Jacob Ming
Westrate, Nick
Yulin, Harris

Lab Playwrights

Zoe Kazan
Yusef Miller
Crystal Skillman
William Shakespeare
Michael Tisdale
Ernst Toller

Lab Designers and Other Collaborators

Adzimi, Nanzi
Atkanov, Raul
Bartek, Ann
Chin, Wilson
Donahower, April
Fabian, Lara
Garcia, Maija
Kato, Ben
Savage, Lee
Takemasa, Yoshihiro
Tyzkun, Vita
Weisbard, Solomon
Worral, Kristin

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Winnie Y. Lok
Lab Assistants: Jill MacLean, Kate Marvin

Directors on Directors: Lab Directors shared their experience of how directors rehearse. Master Directors discussed included Joseph Chaiken, Jack O'Brien, Sir Peter Hall, Robert Lepage, Liz Lecompte, Max Reinhardt, Moises Kaufman and Arthur Nauzyciel.

Two contemporary plays that deal with Religion: Steve Cossan, Michael Friedman and Jim Lewis on The Civilians' This Beautiful City and Rubén Polendo on Theater Mitu's The Apostle Project

How to Talk to a Lighting Designer with Brian MacDevitt, Kenneth Posner and Natasha Katz and invited Lab lighting designers

How Architecture Affects Interpretation: a discussion led by Catherine Owens and David Newell

Rehearsal techniques shared by Lab directors : Dream Sharing with Jaako Nausiainen, Meisner Technique with Monica Payne, Twenty-Twenty exercises with Sarah Francoise, Script Analysis with Trish Rigdon, and Scene Transition exercises with Poonam Brah , Handling a Moment of Failure in the Rehearsal Room with GT Upchurch

Religious Play Discussions

A session with George C. Wolfe

Playwright Sarah Ruhl on the expressionist style

A session with director Jack O'Brien

A session with director Bartlett Sher

A session with director Anna D. Shapiro

A session with director Aubrey Sekhabi

BROKENBROW by Ernst Toller; Directed by Alex Harvey

OEDIPUS THE KING by Sophocles; Directed by Styx Mhlanga and Lileana Blain-Cruz

MACBETH by William Shakespeare; Directed by Ron Bashford, Aaron Oster, Craig Baldwin, Daniel Waldron

GOLDSTAR, OHIO by Michael Tisdale; Directed by Andy Paris

THE MASTER SHEPHERDS OF HOOKY JOOK by Yusef Miller; conceived by Amari Cheatom; Directed by Crystal Dickinson

THE SLEEPING WORLD by Crystal Skillman; Directed by Scott Ebersold

ABSALOM by Zoe Kazan; Directed by David Auburn