Lab 1996: Prominent theater artists led discussion groups and workshops in closed Lab sessions. Six incoming Lab directors presented a new play with a cast of professional actors and a day of rehearsal. Six month-long workshops directed by six directors rehearsed at LCT where they then moved up to the 78th Street Theater Lab. The plays were performed four times for an invited audience of friends, Lab members and other invited guests. Twelve Lab directors directed in the American Living Room Directors Festival downtown at HERE.

Lab Directors

Arak, Jonathan
Arlin, Marcy
Aron, Alexandra
Atabai, Kamyar
Austin-Williams, Jaye
Banks, Daniel
Bauman, Jessica
Becker, David
Belton, Ian
Benington, Roger
Berger, Jesse
Bogoslaw, David
Bonney, Jo
Braxton, Celia
Bundy, James
Canty, Ned
Carrillo, Juliette
Caskey, Kristin
Cherry, Kate
Chu, Nancy
Corely, Richard
Corngold, Jordan
Cummings III, Jack
Cusick , Sarah
Davenport, Robert
Davidson, Adam
Davis, Robert
De la pena, George
Dean, Steven
Douglas , Timonty
Duplechain, Deanna
Eisenberg, Bronwyn
Federman, Simone
Fields, Dan
Ganim, Peter
Gardiner, Leah
Gardner, Lee Mikeska
Gatling, Alice
Goldberg, Andrew
Gottlieb, Elizabeth
Gray, Damien
Grey, Sarah Gordon
Gross, Monika
Hamberg, Julie
Hamilton, Mitzi
Harrington, Alexander
Hildebrandt, Christopher
Holdnerness, Rebecca
Hurlin, Dan
Jacob, Lou
Johnson, Monica Lee
Jones, Trent
Kaats, Rod
Kauffman, Anne
Kievman, Melissa
Kohler, Anna
Littleway, Lorna
Makraki, Indira Ioanna
Martinson, Leslie
Mazor, Marya
McSweeney, Ethan
Mee, Erin
Meyer , Howard
Michel, Aimee
Milazzo, Robert
Mileaf, Maria
Minor, Judy
Morse, Emily
Nelson, Jr., Easton
Noppe-Brandon, Gail
Nunes-Ueno, Paulo
Parres, Elena Citlali
Patton, Leland
Peck , Sabrina
Pero, Victoria
Philippi, Renee
Robinson, Terrell
Rosenkrantz, Nick Quinn
Sanderson, Christopher
Sang, Christine
Settle, Joanna
Sexton, Michael
Shneidman , Philip
Silver, Jonathan
Singer, Elyse
Steber, John
Summers, Alison
Talijancic, Ivan
Teitelbaum, Sherry
Turner, Delicia
Urbinati, Robert
Valdes-Aran, Ching
Varon, Daniela
Wigle, Christopher
Wilson, Holly
Wong III, Harry Luke
Wooden, Jesse, Jr.
Young , Marcus

Lab Actors

Anderman, Maureen
Chibas, Marissa
Cook, Divina
Gerety, Peter
Goede, Jay
McKinney, Chris
Mulamba, Gwendolyn
Nelson, Novella
Nielsen, Kristine
Tasker, Jill

Lab Master Artists

JoAnne Akalaitis
Graham Brown
Dr. Steven Aaron
Jane Baldwin
Gennadi Bogdanov
Steve Carter
Linda Chapman
Martha Clarke
John Conklin
Richard Cummings
Graciela Daniele
Ulla Dydo
Cheryl Faver
Fyvush Finkel
William Finn
Richard Foreman
Arthur French
Jeremy Geidt
Adrian Hall
Deborah Hecht
David Herskovits
Susan Hilferty
Jim Hoberman
James Ingalls
Shelby Jiggetts
Jenny Kallick
Gerald S. Krone
Mark Lamos
Doug Langworthy
James Lapine
B.T. McNicholl
Gregory Mosher
Mary Lou Rosato
Tina Packer
Hal Prince
Nahma Sandrow
Isaiah Sheffer
Joan Micklin Silver
Wendy Smith
Horacena J. Taylor
Douglas Turner Ward
Robert Whitehead
Mark Wing-Davey
George C. Wolfe
Garland Wright
Ralph Zito

Lab Playwrights

Jean Anouilh
Jean Aurenche
Jenny Lyn Bader
Djuna Barnes
Hilary Bell
Glen Berger
Eric Bogosian
David Bogoslaw
Keith Bunin
Howard Brenton
Oana-Maria Cajal
Colin Campbell
Francesco Cangiullo
Nadine Caracciolo
Nancy Chu
Tena Cohen
Nilo Cruz
Steven Dietz
Deanna Duplechain
Eric Ehn
Maria Irene Fornes
Amy Freed
Anna Garcia-Romero
Ki Gottberg
Richard Greenberg
David Hare
Shawn B. Hirabayashi
David Ives
Jeffrey Jones
Michelle N. Lee
Liz Lochhead
Mina Low
Eduardo Machado
Terrence McNally
Arthur Miller
Brighde Mullins
Tania Myren
Eugene O?Neil
Malka Percal
John C. Russell
Elyse Singer
Julian Sheppard
Perry Souchuk
Gertrude Stein
Lee Strucker
Caridad Svich
Nicole Thomas
Sophie Treadwell
Gary Williams
Tennessee Williams
Damon Wright

Lab Designers

Cho, Myung Hee
Brous, Nancy
Gurvich, Zhanna
Klein, Daphne
Luthi, Doey
Micoleau, Tyler
Rada, Mirena
Stauffer, Scott
Voyce, Kaye

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Fred Orner
Lab Assistant: Howard Soloman

Creation of the Negro Ensemble Company: Alumni Arthur French, Douglas Turner Ward, Horacena Taylor, Gerald Krone, Graham Browne, Steve Carter

Yiddish Theatre Symposium: Fyvush Finkel, Joan Micklin Silver, Isaiah Sheffer, Tova Ronni, Wendy Smith, Nahma Sandrow, Jim Hoberman

David Herskovits and Doug Langworthy: Goethe?s Rules for Actors

Marlowe?s EDWARD II adapted and directed by Garland Wright

Gertrude Stein session with Liz LeCompte, Ulla Dydo, Richard Foreman, Cheryll Faver, Linda Chapman

Adaptations from Novels: Adrian Hall on adapting ALL THE KING?S MEN

Comedie-Francaise: performances of DON JUAN AND THE INCONSTANT LOVERS at BAM

Jacques Lasalle: Discussion of DON JUAN

Jean-Pierre Miguel on Marivaux?s THE INCONSTANT LOVERS

Cornerstone Theatre: Discussion with Artistic Director Bill Rausch (attend CALIFORNIA SEAGULL at Classic Stage Company)

James Lapine and William Finn on Collaboration

HAMLET: Observed rehearsal of scenes demonstrating Dropping In technique: Tina Packer, Chris McKinney, Novella Nelson, Peter Gerety

Deborah Hecht and Ralph Zito: How to Work With Dialect Coaches

Downtown Producers Discussion: Emily Morse, Aaron Bell, Melanie Joseph, Randy Rollison, Kristin Marting, Sophie Haviland

Theatrical Biomechanics: Gennadi Bogdanov lead physical workshop on Meyerhold?s system

Movement Session with JoAnne Akalaitis

Michel St. Denis: Panel Discussion about St. Denis? directorial work with Jeremy Geidt

James Ingalls and Susan Hilferty: The Designer/Director Collaboration

Harold Prince on Directing New Musicals

George C. Wolfe on his work

Directing for the Stage and Opera: Mark Lamos discusses his work on WOYZECK AND WOZZECK

Jaye Austin-Williams: Genet?s THE MAIDS ? An Exercise in Casting

Graciela Daniele discusses her work

DANTE & VIRGIL GO DANCING by John C. Russell; Directed by Dan Hurlin

ALCHEMY OF DESIRE/DEAD-MAN?S BLUES by Caridad Svich; Directed by Jesse Wooden, Jr.

HUNGER by Ki Gottberg; Directed by Alex Aron

NIGHT TRAIN TO BOLINA by Nilo Cruz; Directed by Elena Citlali Parres

FIRE EATER by Brighde Mullins; Directed by Christine Sang

THE MAIDS by Jean Genet; Directed by Jaye Austin-Williams

EDWARD II by Christopher Marlowe; Directed by Garland Wright

THREE SISTERS and YES by Gertrude Stein; Directed by Simone Federman

IRIS FIELDS by Sharr White; Directed by Anne Kauffman

78th Street Theater Productions

GRILLER by Eric Bogosian; directed by Rob Urbinati

THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF SAVAGES by Amy Freed; directed by James Bundy

MR. BALDWIN GOES TO HEAVEN by Damon Wright; directed by Terrell Robinson

THE BAY AT NICE by David Hare; directed by Kate Cherry

SAINT PLAYS by Erik Ehn; directed by Maria Mileaf

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS GOT HER HEAD CHOPPED OFF by Liz Lochhead; directed by Daniela Varon

American Living Room Festival at HERE

HUMULUS THE MUTE by Jean Anouilh and Jean Aurenche; directed by Kamyar Atabi

GETTING IN LINE by Nicole Thomas; directed by Jesse Berger

HARRY'S HAT by Tena Cohen; directed by Celia Braxton

THE GLEANERS by Malka Percal; directed by Sarah Cusick

CHRISTIE IN LOVE by Howard Brenton; directed by Robert Davis

THE LADY KILLER & THE FOUR SEASONS by Francesco Cangiullo; directed and adapted by Steven Dean

LIFE UNDER WATER by Richard Greenberg; dDirected by Bronwyn Eisenberg

THE 1940s: PAGE 42, THE KAYWOODIE BRIAR PIPE AD by Glen Berger; THE 1980s: FALLING by Nadine Caracciolo & Lee Strucker; THE 1990s: TO THE NINES by Steven Dietz: directed by Dan Fields

PROUD FLESH by Michelle N. Lee; directed by Leah C. Gardiner

THE INCONVENIENCE OF BEING ALIVE by Oana-Maria Cajal; directed by Damien Grey

A DEATH IN BETHANY by Gary Williams; directed by Trent Jones

THE DANUBE by Maria Irene Fornes; directed by Leland Patton

A Festival of Chekhov Shorts (at the Salon; March 23 - 24, 1996)

THE MAN IN THE SHELL; directed by Holly Wilson

CHEKHOV ENTRANCES I, II & III; directed by Rebecca Holderness

THE BOOR; directed by Judy Minor

A TRAGIC ROLE; directed by Marcy Arlin

DROWNING by Maria Irene Fornes; directed by Alison Summers

THE REED & THE WEDDING; directed by Barry Theiler

A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL; directed by Elyse Singer

ON THE HARMFULNESS OF TOBACCO; directed by Simone Federman

DISTILLED THREE SISTERS; directed by Rachel Kerr

A CALAMITY; directed by Sherry Teitelbaum

VINT by David Mamet; directed by David Bogoslaw

THE KISS; directed by Alec Harrington

CHEKHOV'S LAST STORY; directed by Monika Gross

THE LADY WITH THE TOY DOG; directed by Jesse Berger

SLEEPY; directed by Dan Bianchi

RESTITUTION; directed by Adam Davidson

WARD NUMBER SIX; directed by Ian A. Belton

THE MAN IN A CASE by Wendy Wasserstein; directed by Daniela Varon

A JOKE; directed by Jessica Bauman

SWAN SONG; directed by Rob Urbinati