The Lab is a new program, utilizing the resources, artists and talent associated with Lincoln Center Theater, created to look to the next century to find new ways to sustain and support new directors. As the 1970's saw a major effort to develop and nurture the voices of a multitude of new playwrights, LCT hopes to create a spark for a new generation of directors, and create a base for the flowering of new talent. Lab 1995 activities will include seminars, symposia, discussions and active work on daily projects alongside leading theatre artists. With a small resident acting company on call, the Lab will examine new plays by young authors and the development of one-man shows with Jo Bonney and Eric Bogosian; look at Shakespeare with Mark Lamos and Tina Packer; Brecht with Robert Falls; adaptations with Michael Ondaatje (Booker Prize-winning novelist) and JoAnne Akalaitis, and improvisation in theater and film with Bob Balaban. Other highlights will include Marshall Mason and Lanford Wilson discussing their work; an evening on Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company with Lola Pashalinski; actor/director collaboration with Athol Fugard and Zeljko Ivanek; working with designers including William Ivey Long; a look at the working methods of major international directors such as Tadeusz Kantor, and the development of new plays with Wendy Wasserstein and Daniel Sullivan.

Lab Directors

Alexander, Jace
Ali, Kenshaka
Altschuler, Ted
Arak, Johnathan
Arlin, Marcy
Austin-Williams, Jaye
Banks, Daniel
Bauman, Jessica
Belton, Ian
Berger, Jackie
Bianchi, Dan
Bogoslaw, David
Bundy, James
Calhoun, Kaia
Canty, Ned
Carrillo, Juliette
Chazen, Sara
Cherry, Kate
Corngold, Jordan
Davenport, Robert
Davidson, Adam
Dickstein, Rachel
Federman, Simone
Feldman, Heidi
Fish, Daniel
Grappo, Constance
Griffin, Emma
Gross, Monika
Hamberg, Julie
Hamilton, Mitzie
Harrington, Alexander
Herskovitz, David
Heyliger, Yvette
Hildebrandt, Christopher
Holdnerness, Rebecca
Jacob, Lou
Johnson, Monica Lee
Jones, Ozzie
Kaufman, Moises
Keller, Gregory
Kievman, Melissa
Kruszewska, Meg
Makraki, Indira Ioanna
Maner, Tim
Margid, Elizabeth
Martin, Barry
Marting, Kristin
Mazor, Marya
McCullough, Lynne
Mee, Erin
Merchant, Nathaniel
Meyer , Howard
Michel, Aimee
Mileaf, Maria
Minor, Judy
Mladenovic, Milos
Morse, Emily
Moyse, Joshua
Nelson, Jr., Easton
Nesmith, Eugene
Newhart, Chase
Noppe-Brandon, Gail
Nunes-Ueno, Paulo
O'Hara, Robert
Pero, Victoria
Phelan, Tony
Philippi, Renee
Pianacci, Romulo
Pomerantz, Will
Rand, Randolph Curtis
Robinson, Terrell
Rosenberg, Jonathan
Rosenkrantz, Nick Quinn
Rosenstock, Susan
Ross, Justin
Sang, Christine
Schwartz, Scott
Sexton, Michael
Sher, Bartlett
Silver, Johnathan
Singer, Elyse
Smith-Dawson, Beverly
Sommer, Randall
Stevens, Amy
Summers, Alison
Talijancic, Ivan
Teitelbaum, Sherry
Toben, Phyllis
Urbinati, Robert
Vanono, Yosi
Varon, Daniela
Vasen, Tim
Wagner, Jean
Wigle, Christopher
Wilson, Holly

Lab Master Artists

JoAnne Akalaitis
Bob Balaban
Jo Bonney
Linda Chapman
John Conklin
Walter Dallas
Robert Falls
Athol Fugard
Zeljko Ivanek
Michael Kobialka
Mark Lamos
James Lapine
Elizabeth LeCompte
William Ivey Long
Emily Mann
Mel Marvin
George Osterman
Tina Packer
Lola Pashalinski
Daniel Sullivan
Tony Simotes

Lab Actors

Lampley, Oni Faida
Carroll, Kevin
Hurt, Mary Beth
Montgomery, Reggie
Nelson, Mari
Nelson, Novella

Lab Playwrights

Donna DiNovelli
Louise Grey
Ellen M. Lewis
Rogelio Emilio Martinez
Rob Shin
Shannon Woolley

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Susie Cordon
Lab Assistant: Howard Soloman

Movement Session with Joanne Akalaitis
Athol Fugard and Zeljko Ivanek: Director/Actor Conversation
Michael Kobialka: Introduction to the Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor
Barlett Sher: Kantor's Milano Lessons
John Conklin and Mel Marvin: Opera and Whitman: Raw Emotion on the Stage
Tina Packer on Shakespeare; with Tony Simotes doing rape scene from TITUS ANDRONICUS and monologues from other plays
Robert Falls: On Directing Brecht
Walter Dallas on James Baldwin's lost play THE WELCOME TABLE
Lola Pashalinski, George Osterman and Linda Chapman: Charles Ludlam Remembered
William Ivey Long: The Costume Designer/Director Working Relationship
Bob Balaban: Acting Improvisation in Theater and Film
Jo Bonney: Directing a Monologue
Dan Sullivan and Wendy Wasserstein: Working with a Living Playwright
Emily Mann: Adaptation for the Stage
Reading of new play by Christopher Durang
Elizabeth LeCompte from the Wooster Group on Gertrude Stein
THE BLACKS by Jean Genet
James Lapine: Directing Your Own Work
Jo Bonney and 5 one-person monologues presented by company actors and Lab directors
5-day workshop with JoAnne Akalaitis and Michael Ondaatje: RUNNING IN THE FAMILY

BOYPLAY by Rogelio Emilio Martinez; directed by Robert O'Hara
LOVE AND WORK: A Story of Psychiatrist Margaret Bean-Bayog and Patient Paul Lozano by Shannon Woolley; developed with and directed by Daniela Varon
THE SUN AND THE MOON LIVE IN THE SKY by Ellen M. Lewis; directed by Arvelle Jones, Jr.
AT RISE: THE SOUND OF CRICKETS by Louise Grey; directed by Will Pomerantz
SWEET BETSEY, a Radio Play Based on the Folk Song Sweet Betsey from Pike by Donna DiNovelli; directed by Jessica Bauman
ALISON THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS DARKLY by Rob Shin; directed by Milos Mladenovic;