This year the Lab explored the ways that young theater artists make the theater change. We posed the question: is it possible that theater has evolved not by new artists fitting into existing structures, but by themselves creating new structures in which to make theater? As a Lab, we have always looked both to the present and the past. This year was no exception, as we combined a thoughtful look at where we are today, with time spent seeing how artists in our theater tradition have created something new.

This year's Lab was designed to address a contemporary topic by offering historical perspective. While the 98 participants (66 directors, 12 writers, 10 actors, 10 designers) eventually discussed their careers as emerging artists trying to gain a professional foothold in their early careers, the first two weeks were filled with explorations of the work and techniques of an array of theater visionaries. They included:
* Joan Littlewood's Theater Union and Theater Workshop
* Companie des Quinze - Michel Saint Denis
* Negro Ensemble Company
* Eva le Gallienne Civic Repertory Theater and The Apprentice Group
* Hedgerow Theater
* Jacques LeCoq's International Theater School
* Steppenwolf Theater
* Federal Theater Project
* Group Theater
* Yiddish Theater Companies
* Joint Stock
* Peter Brook's International Center of Theatre Research
* Herbert Blau's SF Actor's Workshop

For the final week, the directors collaborated on pieces by creating their own work models rather than emulating a style of one of the historical theaters.

Lab Directors

Armer, Melanie S.
Barnes, Erica
Bastible, Acushla
Bonvissuto, Leah
Bordelon, Margot
Bossy, Michelle
Bowen, Glory
Cameron, Adrian
Ceterchi, Liana
Chamow, Alexis
Chatman, Sydney
Clearfield, Libby
Cohen, Jay
Crowley, Patrick
D'Andrea, Dominic
Diana, Troy
Fillman, Katja
Gallegos , Rafael
Galloway, Marianne
Gold, Shana
Goldfried, Michael
Halvorson, Nathan
Haney, Kel
Hartenstein, Cathy
House, Jr., Cleo
Jones, Cody
Kim, Young Soon
Kovner, Katherine
Krueger, Jacob
Leveson, Andrew
Lowans, Caitlin
Lundberg, Claire
Magar, Taibi
Marod, Megan
Marson, Richard
Maschka, Brian
Miller, Sven
Morrow, Matt
Newport, Bari
Oliverio, Dan
Ortega, Jennifer
Peknic, Shaun
Podplesky, Jason
Reitz, Gwenyth
Rhinehart, Brian
Roelofsen, Gable
Rogers, Will
Rummenie, Amy
Scott-Price, Michael
Shenoy, Nandita
Smiley, Erin
Steele, Kameron
Tarasco, Matteo
Thackaberry, Constance
Thorson, Gregory
Ujda, Halina
Valletti, James
Vandenberg, Jonathan
Ward, Catherine
Ward, Shannon
Whigham, Kerry
Wiley, Nicole
Williams, Max
Williams, Schele
Young, Jordan
Zayas, Jose
Zucker, Elena

Milly Barranger
Mallory Catlett
Margaret Croyden
Slava Dolgachev
Nicholas Hytner
Jonathan Kalb
Terry Kinney
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Eugene Lee
James Leverett
Marvin McAllister
Nello McDaniel
Lola Pashalinski
Claire Picher
Helen Sheehy
Dan Sullivan
Norman Taylor
Tazewell Thompson
Mark Wing-Davey

Lab Actors

Blake, Marsha S.
Boyd, Julie
Buckley, Candy
Buckley, Erin
Fernandez, Peter Jay
Mandvi, Aasif
Pittu, David
Wilcox, Wayne
Wong, Eunice
Youmans, Bill

Lab Playwrights

David Adjmi
Andy Bragen
Zina Camblin
Josh Drimmer
Jason Grote
Liz Flahive
Shoshana Greenberg
Kirsten Guenther
Kyoung-Ae Kyang
Sean Keogh
Kristen Kosmas
Emily Jane O'Dell

Lab Designers

Baer, Debbie
Berelson, Michael
Brown, Eliza
Healy, Meghan E.
Krall, Ben
Pinholster, Jacob
Riggs, Mike
Zeeman, Susan Rogers
Savage, Lee
Withrow, David

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Michael McGoff
Lab Assistant: Jill MacLean

Milly Barranger Federal Theater Project & The Lost Colony

Andre Bishop: Playwrights Horizons and Lincoln Center Theater

Margaret Croyden and Marcia Jean Kurtz: Peter Brook's International Center of Theater Research

Garrett Eisler: The Group Theater

Howard Fishman: The Provincetown Playhouse

Vallejo Gantner: PS 122 & Dublin Theatre Festival

Bernard Gersten: The Public Theater

Nicholas Hytner: National Theater & Lincoln Center Theater

Michael Jackson, Rachel Peters, Ira Weitzman: What's Happening In Musical Theater Today

Ira Wietzman: The Development of the Musical Theater Model

Jonathan Kalb: The Berliner Ensemble

Terry Kinney : Steppenwolf Theater

Eugene Lee: How the Physical Space Reflects the Artistry of the Work

James Leverett: Artaud?s Theater of Alfred Jarry

Claire Picher: Augusto Boal?s Theater of the Oppressed

Mallory Catlett: John Littlewood?s Theater Union

Slava Dolgachev: The Moscow Art Theater

Marvin McAllister: The African Grove Theater

Nello McDaniel: How To Organize An Ensemble

Lola Pashalinski: Charles Ludlam & The Theater of the Ridiculous

Norman Taylor on James Lecoq

Helen Sheehy: Eva Le Gallienne's Civic Rep & Margo Jones's Theater In The Round

Dan Sullivan: Herbert Blau & The San Francisco Actors Workshop

Tazewell Thompson: Ensembles I Have Been A Part Of

Mark Wing-Davey: London's Joint Stock Theatre Group