The 1998 Lab activities included seminars, symposia, discussions and active work on daily projects alongside leading theater artists including Uta Hagen, Moisés Kaufman, Nicholas Hytner, Scott Ellis, Meredith Monk, Rob Marshall, Bob Crowley, Jules Fisher, Rene Buch and Ping Chong. Actors worked with French director Jacques Lassalle on Molière, with Daniel Sullivan on Shakespeare and involved the development of 11 new plays by emerging playwrights.

Additionally, there was a French and African component. The French component featured, in addition to Jacques Lassalle's workshop of Molière's THE MISANTHROPE, an examination of the work of great French director Louis Jouvet, including discussions with French theater scholar Paul Louis Mignon and French director Brigitte Jaques.

The African component featured a symposium at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, with Lab participants from South Africa and Nigeria discussing the state of African Theater, moderated by Baraka Sele of Africa Exchange and a Master Directors workshop led by Duma Ndlovu, director of BERGVILLE STORIES (Lincoln Center Festival '97).

Finally, the Lab hosted a series of director-actor workshops. The majority of these workshops were devoted to new plays, and the writers joined the Lab as members, participating in all the Lab's activities. The workshops also benefited from the artistic input of young designers, who sat in the rehearsals and contributed to the collaborations.

Lab Directors

Adams, Hilary
Agins, Suzanne
Allen, Devon
Andress, Rosemary
Antoinette, Cecelia
Astor-Vargas, Allison
August, Matt
Bahow, Anna
Barakiva, Michael
Barr, Drew
Berkman, Zachary
Brand, Ulrika
Campbell, Cathleen
Castro, Robert
Chisholm, Edgar
Clark, Michael
Cohn, Marya
Cook, Dwight R.B.
Cullman, Trip
De la pena, George
Eisler, Garrett
Ellis, Kathi E.B.
Epstein, Abby
Farber, Yael
Fields, Dan
Figueroa, Ernest
Fishman, Howard
Ford, Gregory
Fox, Brendon
Galland, Nicole
Gasper, Bob
Genn, Stephan
Goldberg, Wendy
Gray, Jennifer
Greenberg, Gordon
Grosso, Andrew
Haims, Nolan
Hartong, Mina
Hayes, Aleta
Hendee, Gareth
Huber, Edna
Jaeger, Michael
Jaquez, Daniel
Jones, Darryl
Jones, Nancy
Kimura, Shinji
Koplan, Adam
Kurtz, Marcia Jean
Lamb, Karen
Lansner, Gabrielle
Lee, Miko
LeLand, Michael
Levy, Jemma
Lucas , Elizabeth
Luigs, Jim
MacKinnon, Pam
Maple, Jerry
Matschullat, Kay
Matthews, Pam
Merchant, Kiran
Mirescu, Doris
Moriarty, Kevin
Mulrooney, Deirdre
Natoli, Gary
Owens, Jennifer
Parison , Richard
Parkinson, Shirley
Pianacci, Romulo
Polendo, Ruben
Reagan, Alice
Reich, Sacha
Reisman, Michael
Rendell, Carolyn
Rogerson, Gus
Roht, Ken
Runfola, Anthony
Sachs, Andrew
Saks, Eva
Schneider, Mark
Schock, Bonnie
Sekhabi, Aubrey
Sennett, David
Smith, Hank
Sowande, Bode
Stockman, Allison
Tiberghien, Lucie
Turner-Stevens, Karole
Vazquez, Adolfo
Ward, Tracy
Warner, Kate
White, Randy
Wimberly, Bridgette
Zell, Allison Eve

Lab Master Artists

Rene Bush
Ping Chong
Graciela Daniele
Scott Ellis
Uta Hagen
Nicholas Hytner
Moises Kaufman
Jacques Lasalle
Joe Mantello
Kathleen Marshall
Rob Marshall
Paul Louis Mignon
Meredith Monk
Duma Ndlovu
Brian F. O'Byrne
Daniel Sullivan

Lab Actors

Alexander, Terry
Bacon, Jenny
Baker, Becky Anne
Benesch, Vivienne
Black, Eric
Bloom, Tom
Bowen, Melissa
Brown, Leon
Dolan, Andrew
Emerson, Michael
Emond, Linda
Gaston, Michael
Giobbe, Anney
James, Peter Frances
Kildare, Martin
King, Rob
Lancaster, Ellen
Maloney, Peter
McGiver, Boris
Peck, Jonathan Earl
Playten, Alice
Poor, Bray
Reeder, Ana
Rocha, Kali
Rosenthal, Mark
Schall, Tom
Buckley, Candy
Carter, Ralph
Cathey, Reg E.
Cleevely, Gretchen
Hinkle, Marin
Holtz, Greg
James, Brian D'Arcy
Jefferson, Mike
Mendillo, Stephen
Mokone, Tsepo
Newton, John
Paris, Andy
Shenkman, Ben
Smith, Lois
Sorvari, Devon
Stephens, Mara
Stewart, Pamela
Stout, Stephen
Tinapp, Barton
Tudyk, Alan
Walsh, Tracy
White, Amelia
Wooddell, Gregory
Youmans, William

Lab Playwrights

Stephen Belber
Neena Berber
Bertolt Brecht
Cathleen Campbell
Edgar Chisolm
Andre Codrescu
Dwight R.B. Cook
Kevin Crowley
Clarence Cuthbertson
Heather Dundas
Herman D. Farrell III
Simon Fill
Jack Florek
Rob Handel
Aleta Hayes
Richard Hellesen
Terre L. Holmes
Gregory Holst
Edna Huber
Henrick Ibsen
June Jordan
Layding Kaliba
Clayton Lebeouf
Dennis Moritz
Duma Ndlovu
John O'Keefe
Suzan Lori Parks
Ken Prestininzi
Mary Sue Price
Michael Reisman
Carolyn Rendell
Sonia Sanchez
Mark Schultz
William Shakespeare
August Strindberg
Greg Tate
Vengentry Toror
Adolfo Vazquez
Briget Lynn Wandruff
David Wiener
Bridgette Wimberly
Allison Zell

Lab Designers

Adelson, Matthew
Bailey, Carol
Chiang, Dawn
Croiter, Jeff
Davis, Vicki
Edkins, Sarah
Fitzgibbons, Mark
Gurvich, Zhanna
Kurki, Lauren
Mancini, Jane
Marcus, Valerie
Micoleau, Tyler
Owens, Catherine
Vachliotis, Merope

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Mary K.Berrafato
Lab Assistant: Brian Roff

The Emotional Life of the Actor (panel w/ Uta Hagen, video, acting coach Harold Guskin; moderated by Kevin Moriarty & Marcia Jean Kurtz)

Collaborations in Musical Theater (panel w/ Scott Ellis, Kathleen Marshall & Rob Marshall, Graciela Daniele, A New Brain performers, Ping Chong & Meredith Monk)

Director-Designer Relationships

Pam Mackinnon: Nirvana's 1991 Nevermind

Jules Fisher on lighting design

Finding Today's African Theater (panel w/ Duma Ndlovu, Yael Farber, Aubrey Sekhabi & Bode Sowande @ the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture)

Nicholas Hytner

Rene Bush

Joe Mantello

Aleta Hayes, Anna Bahow (Movement session)

Choosing a translation led by Kate Warner

Brian O'Byrne of Beauty Queen of Leenane talks w/ designer Catherine Owens

Contemporary Artists & the Bard (Anne Cattaneo, Fred Churschack & Karin Coonrod)

(Re)Building shakespeare's Globe (David Kastan, David Freeman, Andrew Gurr)

A visit to RSC's Hamlet and Henry VIII directed by Matthew Warchus & Gregory Doran

Jacques Lasalle: Discussion on Moliere

The Misanthrope (Rehearsals directed by Jacques Lasalle)

Paul Louis Mignon: Discussion on Jouvet's theater

Films at Alliance Francaise (Entre Des Artistes & Volpone with Louis Jouvet)

Film: Elvire Jouvet 40: Master Class followed by a Q&A with director Brigitte Jaques

Frederick Weisman Documentary on The Comedie Francaise

1998 Lab's new-play workshops:

BACK IN JESUS DAYS by Mary Sue Price; directed by Eva Saks

RADIO MESSIAH, a first play by National Public Radio commentator and host of All Things Considered Andre Codrescu; directed by George de la Peña

YOU ARE THERE, written and directed by Michael Reisman

THE BRONTË CYCLE by John O? Keefe; directed by Bob Crowley

HOLIDAY DIARY, written and directed by Edgar Chisolm

BLACK CODES FROM THE UNDERGROUND written collaboratively in 1986 by Duma Ndlovu, Gregory Holst, and Layding Kaliba; directed by Duma Ndlovu

MUIN AL-BUKA or THE MASTER OF WEEPING by Mark Schultz, directed by Rubén Polendo

GHOST STORIES by Heather Dundas; directed by Alice Reagan

HUNGRY NANA by Cathleen Campbell and Greg Tate, directed by Cathleen Campbell

THE TELL TALE HEART, written and directed by Dwight R.B. Cook, a new adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe story

THE EXPLODING HOTEL by Rob Handel; directed by Abby Epstein

A SEDUCING SORT OF WOMAN, written; directed by Carolyn Rendell

DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES by Kevin Crowley; directed by Karen Lamb

Other workshops included explorations of the following notable plays:

THE MISANTHROPE by Molière; directed by Jacques Lasalle

GALILEO by Bertolt Brecht; directed by Moisés Kaufman

A YORKSHIRE TRAGEDY by Anonymous; directed by Randy White

THE LADY FROM THE SEA by Henrick Ibsen; directed by Dan Fields

HAMLET by Shakespeare; Directed by Daniel Sullivan with Cherry Jones as Hamlet

A Serialized Adaptation of Dostoevsky's THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV (at the Salon; January 14-March 7, 1998)

A FAMILY GATHERING adapted by Alexander Harrington; directed by Alexander Harrington

LACERATIONS adapted by Jack Florek; directed by Mary McGinley

THE LEGEND OF THE GRAND INQUISITOR; directed by Michael Reisman

THE RUSSIAN DOLL; directed by Eva Saks

THE Ks adapted by Briget Lynn Wandruff; directed by Ivan Talijancic

THE TRIAL OF DIMITRI KARAMAZOV adapted by S.Villegas; directed by Sandra Villegas

A Patch Quilt (Negro Ensemble Company at Harold Clurman Theatre, March 9, 1998)

HUNGRY NANA by Greg Tate; directed by Cathleen Campbell

WALKING ON WATER by Aleta Hayes; directed by Aleta Hayes

SISTERS by Clarence Cuthbertson; directed by Leon Pinkney

SHERO by Clayton Lebeouf; directed by Rona Taylor

AUTOPSY REPORT adapted by Jaye-Austin Williams; directed by Jaye Austin-Williams

SAINT LUCY'S EYES by Bridgette Wimberly; directed by Bridgette Wimberly