In the 2011 Lab we worked slowly and deeply on August Strindberg's A DREAM PLAY. The aim was to understand and interpret it from each individual director's point of view, and to arrive at that understanding collaboratively by working in rehearsal settings with actors, designers and other Lab directors. Master artists were included in our Lab and their observed rehearsal investigations into the same text were woven into our discussions. Guest speakers and panels suggested by Lab members that relate to how to enter into such a text rounded out our work. When we gather, with so many different ways of approaching a text, we share our methods and together dive deep, or climb high to see what the theater can do to illuminate the play and, through it, our lives.

Lab Directors

Abel Horowitz, Stefanie
Algazi, Beatrice
Alvarez, Michael
Auf der Heyde, Sabine
Baldi, Eliza
Benavides, Leah
Berelowitsch, Lucie
Brandel, Laura
Bruckman, Nick
Buchser, Ana-Catrina
Calderón, Gabriel
Campari, Francesco
Credidio, Laura
Correia, Victor
Dabbs, McKenna
Darnall, Colleen
Diaz de Villegas, Alexis
Durkin, Michael
Dzeparoski, Stefan
Eremin, Oleg
Estes, Robert
Fowler, Jeffrey Jay
Giros, Benoit
Green, Travis
Grosman, Sarah ER
Gross, Jemma
Grünewald, Gernot
Haroon, Iftiaz
He, Nian
Hendel, Joe
Hile, Leigh
Hoff, Eric
Iacozzilli, Fabiana
Kamine, Ben
Kaul, Manav
Ladefoged, Charlotte
Lapina, Natalia
Leak, Bridget
Leicher, Niki
Levers, Dylan
Lewis, Walker
Lyons, Marti
Maples, Holly
Minas, Nicolas
Molloy, Duncan
Notcutt, Tara Louise
O'Byrne, Beto
Ollove, Sally
Papachronopoulou, Nadia
Radeva, Vasilena
Reckfort, Lioba
Riener, Alex
Roberts, Daniel
Rüping, Christopher
Russell, Andrew
Schoots, Thomas
Scoville, Andrew
Shaw, Cathy
Sibley, Tamara
Spector, Daniel
Surratt, Sonita
Troupakis, Aris
Truchanowicz, Liz
Volkostrelov, Dmitry
Wansley, Sarah
Ward, Megan Kate
Witis, Patricio
Yousefzadeh, Pirronne

Lab Master Artists

K. Alexis Alatsis
John Conklin
Harry W. Fogarty
Jeremy Goren
Adrian Hall
Tsondu Kikhangparra
Dominika Laster
Struan Leslie
Andrey Moguchiy
Rubén Polendo
Paul Walsh
Robert Wilson

Lab Designers

Ahn, Na Young
Bamman, Joyce A.
Ekhougen, Marte Johanne
Grimes, Tilly
Handelman, Elyse
Hoffer, Eben
Lustig, Rebecca
Mizell, Melissa
Napoliello, Craig
Wiemann, Carl

Lab Actors

Andrus, Tory
Barrett, Josh
Beard, Alec
Bedi, Purva
Bittner, Dan
Braun, Michael
Breslin-Wright, Sam
Butkus, Denis
Chen, James
Choksi, Nick
Dellapina, Matt
Eli, Robert
Guilarte, Andrew
Herlihy, Carmen
Heyward, Susan
Holzman, Meredith
Hurt, Alex
King, Ryan
Krause, Louisa
Lacivita, Carman
Love, Jessica
Moore, Max Gordon
Pusz, Christy
Rishe, Jeremy
Shaffer, Zach
Smith, Charise Castro
Socarides, Charles
Walsh, Karen
Warren, Amanda
Wilson, Derek

Lab Playwrights

August Strindberg

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Jane Grey
Lab Assistant: Kate Marvin

Lab Stage Management Staff

Carroll, Jason
Croasdale, Kate
Elins, Joel
Leo, Sean
Magnus, Bryn
Marvin, Kate
McDoniel, Kate
Micklin, Lee
Overend , Cambra
Wernick, Nancy

John Conklin on Thinking About Design
Paul Walsh on Everything Strindberg
Designer Clambake
Watermill Vigil Exercises with Dominika Laster and Jeremy Goren
Dream Analysis Night with Harry Fogarty, Edward Nersessian, M.D, and Tsondu Kikhangparra
Movie Dream Sequences with John Conklin
Struan Leslie, Head of Movement for the RSC
A talk with André Bishop
A talk with Robert Wilson

Shared Sessions:

Dramaturgy with Marti Lyons and Sally Ollove
Eugenio Barba with Beatrice Algazi
Antonin Artaud with Michael Alvarez
Shared Experience with Laura Brandel
Laban Movement Analysis with Laura Credidio
Etudes with Oleg Eremin
Active Analysis with Jeffrey Jay Fowler
Struggle to Speak with Travis Green
Under-Reading and Emotional Release with Jemma Gross
Why We Love Musicals with Victor Correia, Colleen Darnall, Sarah ER Grosman, and Nian He
Reading Each Other's Journals with Eric Hoff
Grotowski with Manav Kaul
Michael Chekhov with Natalia Lapina
An Introduction to Jacques Lecoq with Walker Lewis
The Folio Method for Modern Texts with Marti Lyons
Theater Mitu with Nicolas Minas
The Detail of Things Left Unsaid with Duncan Molloy
Chicano Drama and the Rasquachi Aesthetic with Beto O'Byrne
Complicité Devising Workshop with Holly Maples
Musical Form for Theater Directors with Joe Hendel
Body Deconstruction with Michael Durkin
A Forum on Women Artists/Directors with Meghan Kate Ward
Coaching Shakespeare with Daniel Spector
Pitching with Sarah ER Grosman
Peter Brook Techniques with Francesco Campari

A DREAM PLAY by August Strindberg