Why we love them, how to direct them?

Are we in an epidemic of TV-inspired 90 minute, family and personal dilemma dramas with 6 blackouts written for 4 characters?  What about complexity?  What about big ideas? What about new forms? What about plays that speak to the really difficult and really complicated times we live in? (But were there ever simple times?)

The 2015 Lab will explore some wonderful, really challenging plays both from the past and from today whose siren songs compel us!  New plays, possibly unproduced, are especially welcome. Who is writing like this now?  How to make sense of them stylistically?  In terms of acting? Who would be able to help shed some light as you seek to understand how such a play works, is structured, needs to be realized?

Our goal is to select eight plays submitted by the directors of the 2015 Lab, and to investigate them together in rehearsal with an acting company, resident peer designers, and invited guests suggested by Lab members.  Each of the chosen plays – ideally a mix of old and new plays - will be tackled by a small group, each director taking a day to lead the exploration.  When you are not directing, you will be observing other members of the Lab working on your- and other - plays.

What kind of play or plays should we explore this summer?  Ones that genuinely have meaning to you, that you have read and been taken with.  What did directors make of the first draft of Angels in America?  Peer Gynt?  Or Euripides’ Ion?  Six Characters? Mud? Skin of our Teeth?  Camino Real?  The Bacchae? Timon of Athens? Penthesilea? Death and the King’s Horseman? Genet’s The Screens? And big, adventurous new work from young writers in 2015!!

Lab Directors

Daniel Alelegn
Mia Anderson
Roy Anthony Arauz
Bruce Baek
Yuriy Bartenev
Manuel Bau
Finn Beames
Sash Bischoff
Rachel Black-Spaulding
Daniella Caggiano
Marco Casazza
Kun Chang
Neel Chaudhuri
Josh Chenard
Ashley Wren Collins
Tome Cousin
Jennifer Curfman
Hannah Dawe
Athina Deliadi
Kristy Dodson
Reena Dutt
Norah Elges
Nicolei Faber
Elissa Goetschius
Geoffrey Goldberg
Bruno Plebst Guida
Menelaos Karantzas
Alex Keegan
Monika Klimaite
Anton Kurt Krause
Dana Jackson
Jason Jacobs
Luciana Lagisquet
Eva Mann
Marina McClure
Sebastian Bravo Montenegro
Samantha A. Morrow
Mise Jessica Musanindanga
Shady Nafar
Polly Noonan
Washingtone Obwanda
Nicholas Orvis
Karine Plantadit
Cynthia Reyna
Taylor Reynolds
Lillian Viveros
Daniel Seth
Benjamin Shaw
William Steinberger
Jay Webster Stull
Mackenzie Goodwin Tran
Slava Tishchuk
Celeste Veleda
Isil Vos
Sophia Watt
Jecamiah McCain Ybanez

Lab Designers

Reid Thompson
Brandon McNeel
Ari Fulton
Rachel Levy
KJ Kim
Jane Chan
Derek Van Heel
Kate Marvin

Lab Actors

Claire Siebers
Jolly Abraham
Carmen Zilles
Julienne Kim
Joaquin Kalukango
Tiffany Stewart
Rachael Holmes
Lynda Gravatte
Karen Walsh
Tim McGeever
Ariel Shafir
Tim McGeever
Paul Niebanck
Nadine Malouf
Stephen Rowe
Matt Saldivar
Clifton Duncan
Jerome Preston Bates
Jeffrey Omura
Brian Sgambati
Brad Heberlee
James Yaegashi
Shawn Eliott
Tony Carlin
Demo Chrysan

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Larry Copeland
Lab Assistant: Lauren Messeck

Stage Management

Stacy Waring
Kyle Ferguson
Morgan Richardson
Kristin M. Herrick
Laura Wilson
Andrea Waters

Folios and the Early Texts of Renaissance Plays
– Sophia Watt
Finding the Story: The Civilians Occupy Zuccotti Park – Jay Stull
The Michael Chekhov Technique: Applications for the Director – Josh Chenard
New Technology - Kun Chang
Pathos & The Sublime:  Schiller’s Drama Theory – Eva Mann
Gar Campbell Technique - Dana Jackson
Michael Budkevich: Game Theater and Macbeth – Slava Tyshchuk
Philippe Hottier - The Actor: half Clown, half God – Marco Casazza
Lyndsey Turner’s Method: Hamlet – Manuel Bau
The Degrees for Contemporary Acting: Mariana Percovich – Luciana Lagisquet
The Archetypes at Work: Massimo Castri – Marco Casazza
Repetition – Monika Klimaite   
How make your story interesting for Audiences: Alexander Mitta - Yuriy Bartenev
From Patsy Rodenburg: The Second Circle Workshop – Rachel Black-Spaulding

Andre Bishop
Bartlett Sher
Moritz von Stulpfnagel
Branden Jacobs Jenkins and Sarah Benson: An Octaroon
Jason Loewith: The Central Transaction
Dan Sullivan: What is Action?
Edward Ziter and Naila al-Atrash: Middle Eastern Drama and the work of Sa’dallah Wannous
John Douglas Thompson and Illana Stein: Tamburlaine
Lynn Thomson: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and 19th Century American Drama
Lue Douthit: Charting Macbeth