• And Now a Few Words About Joan

    And Now a Few Words About Joan

    Joan Dellamond has the last word in THE BABYLON LINE and thus it feels fitting that she be the subject of my final blog post for the show.

  • Just Mad About Maddie

    Just Mad About Maddie

    “I know what it’s like to bond with women in the suburbs based on motherhood and neighborhood.”

  • Michael Makes His Marc

    Michael Makes His Marc

    THE BABYLON LINE cast member Michael Oberholtzer discusses his character Marc's "magnum opus" and his preparation for the role.

  • Greetings, Friends!

    Fair readers, all, please lend an ear ★ We’ve made it (barely) through this year...

  • Josh Radnor's Journey to BABYLON

    Josh Radnor's Journey to BABYLON

    When I asked him to name the pivotal moment in his career, he replied, “Every job is my big break.”

  • Enter Randy Graff

    Enter Randy Graff

    “When I play Frieda, I am honoring my mother, who is still alive, and two of her friends, who are not.”