When I first started thinking about this blog, I promised myself I wouldn't bloviate about ON THE LEVEE's company members. I mean, it's LCT3. Of course the actors are incredible; you would expect no less, right?

But I'm breaking my rule to give some love to Chuck Cooper, who's playing Old Lucas and the Rev in our production. With a little help from Tony Kushner, composer Jeanine Tesori, and director George C. Wolfe, Chuck delivered one of my top-five-of-all-time, blow-your-socks-off-amazing music theater moments as "The Bus," delivering news of JFK's assassination in Caroline, or Change.

Watch him perform the number in what looks like a conference room-no lights, no costumes, no theater magic, just his voice-and tell me my drool is not legitimate:

After listening to that, Tony Award, nothing! I'd give him my first-born, if he asked for it. (Which he wouldn't, because he is a lovely man...)

Anne Erbe is the Playwright's Assistant on ON THE LEVEE.