All actors, hi, but O.M.G. 
The time's at hand again I see
To rustle up some Christmas lieder
Fit for all and sundry reader
Boy, do we all need a little
Squeak of hope from Joe B.'s fiddle
We'll chart our course forthwith backstage
Where season's joy is all the rage
Where tidings land on David Wohl
With fruit enough to fill a bowl
Of candy, jam, and even jelly
For Anthony, who plays Fuseli
Let's give a shout to our chief Bart
Whose dedication warms the heart
And shout huzzah to Donald Holder
Whose lighting makes our ringside smolder
Let's not forget Herr Fleischer (Brad) 
And gift him with a new iPad
Dagmara, Demo, I'm not nuts
To rhyme your names takes mammoth guts
Easier, yes, is Numrich, Seth
Whose label gibes with Nazareth
Where Jesus moved once he grew up
Then old enough to lift a cup
Of wassail, wine, or even beer
To Vayu, Tony, bring good cheer
Pack up some gifts and bring them yon
To lay beside our Miss Yvonne
Now hang the green and lavish red
On Dion, Karl, and dearest Ned
Christmas Eve must glow so starry
So says Schopenhauer (eh, Hadary?) 
Andres, yes, you're just the man
To trim the tree with chere Diane
And tuneful thanks bestow on Bernie
Andre, too, who helmed this journey
Choirs, angels: Christmas dawn
Sing to Lucas, Daniel, Sean
On Michael Aronov, drop sweet manna: 
He makes me laugh each "Anna banana"
Chris, tip your hat to our Jenn Rae
Nothing should her long dismay
Michael, Cathy do their duty: 
Bring the public worlds of beauty
Share some glogg to make them merry
Spare some, too, for B.H. Barry
Please, dear Santa, sprinkle spice
On Danny, Danny (twice? nice!) 
Finally, folks, I'll tweet this plea: 
Belasco's Ghost, steer clear of me! 

My rhyme's run dry, tho hark a word
There's one who's not yet gotten heard
I mean of course the noble writer
He penned this tale of struggling fighter
Odets: your memory we observe
Your words we nightly try to serve
To your fair ghost I wish but mirth
Help us to foster Peace on Earth! 

Brendan Lemon is the American theater critic for the Financial Times and the editor of