Good Times and Bum Times Made These Theater Veterans Even Stronger

By Elisabeth Vincentelli
October 26, 2023

It’s challenging enough for an actor to portray someone who is alive and well. But can you imagine the extra scrutiny that comes when your model is sitting in the director’s chair?

In the new musical “The Gardens of Anuncia,” Priscilla Lopez plays the title role, which is largely based on the childhood of the show’s director and co-choreographer, Graciela Daniele. Or at least, Daniele pointed out in a recent conversation, it’s “a version of me. A better version.”

When the two stage veterans sat together last week, a day after performances began at Lincoln Center Theater, they laughed continuously, and threw themselves into the conversation...


Photo of Priscilla Lopez and Graciela Daniele by Clark Hodgin for The New York Times