Although Matt has been working on Clay for four and a half years, right now the script is fairly locked down, meaning that there is very little change (if any) in the show from night to night. As the crew has settled into the show we are used to the rhythms and pace of theses words and songs, whether or not we have all realized it. This means that even if we are busy backstage and not fully listening to what Matt is saying, we notice when something is different. Although I love this show and the script and would always want to hear it as it is, I love when Matt changes it up a little. Usually because it is hilarious.

For example, one of my favorite parts of the show is when Clifford is asked to 'speak of the top of his dome' about whatever he thinks hip-hop is. This is a segment in the show where I am not particularly busy and can watch from the wings. Recently Matt has been playing with Clifford's ridiculous response. Clifford usually raps that he is going to get in his Escalade and "drive over you and over you and over you" and then he moves on. Last Saturday, however, he added 'while I'm watching Seinfeld in the back!" which just seemingly came out of nowhere. It would be funny in the script, but to know that something so funny just came out of Matt as he was performing felt like a secret bonus for all of us who are working on the show. The headset (which connects all of the crew) was alive for a few minutes with 'what did he just say?!?' and 'wait, what? Seinfeld?!?'s. Now it's three performances later, and Seinfeld is still in. Just another reason why live theatre is the place to be.

Zoë Chapin is the Assistant Stage Manager for Clay.