So hello all of you Clay fans out there. Or soon-to-be Clay Fans. Clay Kids? Clayers? (dang Clay Aiken and his Claymates!.) This here blog is the place to be for the inside look into Clay. As the Assistant Stage Manager, it's my job to make sure that everything runs smoothly backstage. And as one of the first to arrive to the theater and one of the last to leave each night, nothing's getting past me.

If you haven't seen it, Clay is a one man hip-hop musical, a new genre which I am single handedly trying to get labeled a 'rap-sicle.' I don't know, it think it could stick. The basic plot is summarized elsewhere on this website, but I think it is most helpful to think Eight Mile meets I Am My Own Wife. Basically, it is a really exciting and unusual evening in the theater, recommended by me to anyone who is a fan of musicals or hip-hop and curious to see what can happen when the two combine.

So go see the show, love the show, and then go home and read all about what happened behind the scenes at the show. Or just read it on your way home on your fancy i-phone or blackberry.

Zoë Chapin is the Assistant Stage Manager for Clay.