What is your innate theatrical identity - the theater that speaks to and for you personally and to the world you come from in the widest context of that word? What can you identify as theater that is foreign to you personally - and would (and how would) you approach directing a play from this "other" theater.

Lab Directors

Abrahams, Gary
Alicea, Cristina
Ioli Andreadi
Astle, Angela R.
Atkins, Corey
Ayers, Garrett
Bertrand, Catherine M.
Bohon, Jason
Brah, Poonam
Campbell-Holt, Adrienne
Dacre, James
Denny, Christy
Eusebio III, Nelson T.
Evans, Lee Sunday
Fink, Dann
Franco, David S.
Finn, Meghan
Fort, Lydia
Fulton, William
Garcia, Laurel Pilar
Gates, James Phillip
Goldstein, Brett
Gorman, Elyzabeth
Gould, Morgan
Grunwald, Rachel
Guyton, Leslie
Hawkins-Jones, Michelle
Haydon, Christopher
Hunter, Jennifer
Iskandar, Edward Sylvanus
Jacobs, Adena
Krieger, Portia
Kronenberg, Jeremy
Lamb, Andrew
Latif, Nadia
Levy, Annie
Lippard, Laley
Lluberes, Michael
Longworth, Rebecca
Lugo, Hector
Marinaccio, Ashley
Styx Mhlanga
Mulvilai (Ka-Ge), Teerawat
Nemack, Robert
Reid, Susan
Reinhard, Lauren
Robert, Colette
Sahin, Sara
Seay, Alexandra
Simms, Heather Alicia
Soto-Roman, Zuleira
Steinbach, Jan
Stern, Jay
Tibbels-Jordan, Jenny
Tindall, Alexandria M.
Trolin, Moqi Simon
Tsitisias, Evan
Tull, Bryan
Yury Urnov
Walsh, Patrick
Willenz, Gabriella
Wohlander, Rachel
Wong, Andrea

Lab Master Artists

Mark Bennett
Mindi Dickstein
John Gromada
Jenny Giering
Joe Iconis
Michael R. Jackson
Mel Marvin
Jesse Wooden
Jamel Gaines
Andy Paris
Kate Whoriskey
Declan Donnellan
Ntozake Shange
John Guare
Lev Dodin
Sheldon Epps
Brian Doerries
Adam Driver
George C. Wolfe

Lab Actors

Jolly Abraham
Kyle Beltran
Tina Benko
Marsha Stephanie Blake
Teagle F. Bougere
Karl Bury
Caroline Clay
Halley Feiffer
Lynda Gravatt
Don Guillory
Anne Nathan
Will Rogers
David Sajadi
Bobby Steggert
Bill Youmans

Lab Playwrights

David Fancy
Jennifer Haley
Jhumpa Lahiri
Gordon Leary and Julia Meinwald
Harrison David Rivers
Sarah Ruhl

Lab Designers and Other Collaborators

Alex Anfanger Joshua Benghiat Jon Collins
Sarah Edkins
Barry McNabb
Driscoll Otto
Natalie Robin
Wendy Seyb
Matt Vinson
Jeanette Yew

Lab Staff

Lab Director: Anne Cattaneo
Lab Coordinator: Winnie Y. Lok
Lab Assistants: Kate Marvin

Trips to Lincoln Center Festival plays:
Life and Fate Dress Rehearsal
Peasant Opera Dress Rehearsal
A discussion with Toni Servillo and TRILOGIA DELLA VILLEGIATURA

Presentation and Movement Work with Jesse Wooden
The Seven Holy Sacraments
An Introduction to Movement Work with Andy Paris
Kate Whoriskey: Director of RUINED and Artistic Director of Intiman Theater
A How To on Scene Transitions
Socially Conscious Theater
Declan Donnellan, Interviewed by John Guare
Ntozake Shange: Author of "for Colored Girls"
A Discussion with Lev Dodin and screening of "Brothers and Sisters"
Musical Theater Extravaganza!: A symposium and gathering about Musical Theater with Mark Bennett, Mindi Dickstein, John Gromada, Jenny Giering, Joe Iconis, Michael R. Jackson, and Mel Marvin
A session on Grotowski
A session on Artaud
Biomechanics: Exercises and Techniques
Deliberate Practice
Theater Essays Method
Dropping In Techniques
Starting a Theater
Sheldon Epps: Artistic Director of Pasadena Playhouse
What to do on the First Day of Rehearsal
Late Stanislavsky Techniques
A session on Augusto Boal
Contemporary Directors whom we love and you should know
Theater of War: Brian Doerries
Designer Clambake and Discussion
Choreographers Clambake and Discussion with Dancebreak
Theater in non-English speaking countries

EURIDYCE by Sarah Ruhl
RETURN OF THE EXILE created by Ioli Andreadi
A TEMPORARY MATTER by Jhumpa Lahiri, adapted and directed by Poonam Brah
WHEN LAST WE FLEW by Harrison David Rivers, directed by Collette Robert
DISAPPEARED by Gordon Leary and Julia Meinwald, directed by Jeremy Kronenberg
NEIGHBORHOOD 3 by Jennifer Haley, directed by Morgan Gould
BUT I CD ONLY WHISPER by Kristiana Colon, directed by Nadia Latif
KHALIDA by David Fancy, directed by Alexandra Seay